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Johnny Blows Everyone Away With Whitney Houston Big Hit | Week 5 | America's Got Talent 2017

  • Published on: 28 June 2017
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    Johnny Manuel America's Got Talent 2017 Full Audition Including Judges Comment

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  • Runtime : 4:55
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  • shl rl
    shl rl   7 hours ago

    I shook my head the whole time. It was so effortless. Beautiful.

  • K
    K   13 hours ago

    Where tf did his golden buzzer go??? >:/

  • Drew
    Drew   17 hours ago

    Here's Johnny!!!!

  • Gena Razie
    Gena Razie   18 hours ago

    I wish I could get a clean version of this!!

  • blake knapping
    blake knapping   22 hours ago

    def deserved golden buzzer, no guy can sing that song like that

  • Groova Nxt2U
    Groova Nxt2U   1 days ago

    Nah he was waaay to pitchy. His soprano needs work. Needs singing lessons

  • Maximus !
    Maximus !   1 days ago

    Wow, okay, this is the best cover I've ever heard. I'm not even joking. Whitney's still the goat though

  • D3Amazing
    D3Amazing   1 days ago

    @0:47 I swear that was nick Jonas or whatever his name is in the audience

  • a b
    a b   1 days ago

    Simon didn't stand at the end of the song because Simon is Simon. LOL

  • Roy Word
    Roy Word   1 days ago

    Dammit boy!! 👌🏾💯

  • 윤영민
    윤영민   1 days ago

    목소리가 너무 좋아요

  • North Land
    North Land   2 days ago

    that was so beautiful. holy crap.

  • John P
    John P   2 days ago

    Why do they even waste time to vote when their reactions make it obvious ? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nella B. Della
    Nella B. Della   2 days ago

    This guy absolutely sang the bejesus out of this song. The best I've heard since, idk, Jennifer Hudson. I don't know why, but when I hear his voice I think of Luther Vandross and I totally want to hear his rendition of Other Side Of The World. How in Hades did he NOT get the golden buzzer??

  • Aya Anderson
    Aya Anderson   2 days ago

    I can't believe how beautiful his voice is

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D   2 days ago

    Now that's a better male version of that song....👍👍👍

  • Tina Mccurley
    Tina Mccurley   2 days ago

    Can't believe he didn't get the Golden Buzzer. He's amazing!!! 🎤

  • YoureProbablyTheWorst

    Fuhget my nigga in the tight jeans 1:36 tyra STILL smashable smh reese cups when they start to get gooey from the heat...goodness

  • charles ward
    charles ward   2 days ago

    Such a beautiful voice, he has so much soul God bless his voice. Voice of an angel

  • warrenfiler66
    warrenfiler66   2 days ago

    Sooooo gooood.know that’s talent, effortlessly brilliant, hats off if I had one.

  • Mike T
    Mike T   3 days ago

    A young Brian McKnight