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Starting Conversations

  • Published on: 08 March 2017
  • How about this crazy weather amiright? The sun's been in the sky for HOURS! First impressions are very important, but you can't make a bad first impression, if you never make a first impression.


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    Ukulele song that everyone hates ➤


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  • Runtime : 7:17
  • introvert james's clubhouse comic vsauce mindfeild youtube red starting conversations public speaking elevator candy m & m's candy bar cartoon lol animation theoddonesout theodd1isout Youtuber swap


  • DOG
    DOG   3 minuts ago

    OREOS IS THE BEST CANDY BAR!!!!!!!|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GrahamBaconUV
    GrahamBaconUV   9 minuts ago

    I like skittles it’s better than m n m because m n m is a lame name skittles is better and has more flavor!

  • Gloria Jaison
    Gloria Jaison   45 minuts ago

    Tip: what I do is just say hi really awkwardly and say something really random or say that I have nothing to say

  • Gloria Jaison
    Gloria Jaison   46 minuts ago

    I’m an extrovert I just really like ur vids

  • Gloria Jaison
    Gloria Jaison   47 minuts ago

    Mine are smarties yes smarties but I don’t mind m m how was ur day

  • Rienley Lindsay
    Rienley Lindsay   1 hours ago

    I'm an extrovert and I have no friends (I lost all of them recently) so this is what I do all day

  • Calypso Bond
    Calypso Bond   1 hours ago

    Reces pieces (is how it's spelt) is fav choc bar i am australia n and refuse to call it candy but I love raspberry white chocolate nougat

  • Mo Th
    Mo Th   1 hours ago

    My favorite candy bar is starburst cuz you can shape the starburst like a candybar so it counts

  • Vexic Aishe
    Vexic Aishe   2 hours ago

    My favorite candy bar is chocolate phish

  • Mema Rat
    Mema Rat   2 hours ago

    Yes, M and M's are my favorite candy bar.

  • Joel Torres
    Joel Torres   2 hours ago

    James: Im just going out on a limb here but u the viewer is a introvert because ur inside watching this video instead of going and playing outsideMe: HA!!! Jokes on u 'cause I'm watching this video outside, in the sun!!!!

  • KoxRod
    KoxRod   3 hours ago


  • DjGolden Fredbear
    DjGolden Fredbear   3 hours ago

    James did you learned that if somebody’s name with “s” you can only put one apostrophe on James’ Clubhouse

  • tobygiraffe
    tobygiraffe   4 hours ago

    I like all candybars, idk anything that tastes good but my favourite candybar is Snickers

  • Fathurrahman ZF
    Fathurrahman ZF   4 hours ago

    I'm actually an Introvert.Because, when my friends want to hang out with me, I ran away.I just want to play my computerEdt: Is that Adam from SomeThingElseYT I heard when you get out of the lift/elevator?

  • Jariel Animates
    Jariel Animates   4 hours ago

    My favorite candy bar is actually m&ms but for an excuse I say chocolate

  • Jaime Yoon
    Jaime Yoon   4 hours ago

    James - I LIKE M & M BOIIIIme - eating M & M's while watching this

  • CT Draws
    CT Draws   4 hours ago

    Please do more James clubhouse 😂