Fortnite #FallSkirmish - Week 2 | ROYALE FLUSH (SOLOS)

  • Published on: 29 September 2018
  • Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Runtime : 4:10:27
  • Fortnite Epic Games PC PS4 Xbox One Battle Royale Unreal Tournament Unreal Engine Minecraft Plants vs. Zombies


  • Trace Hamman
    Trace Hamman   3 days ago

    No Preston playz is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • styling Sam
    styling Sam   1 months ago

    Idk why i want to watch all of these but remember smoke grass and eat ass

  • jcniper
    jcniper   1 months ago

    If u guys r epic games can u put out rock out I need it

  • Ninja Ninja
    Ninja Ninja   1 months ago

    Hey Epic games why dont you made all the seaosn in fortinte as mods and people choose the one that they want?

  • Anne Gumina
    Anne Gumina   1 months ago

    dear epic can you make the skull trouper 800v bucks  when the season ends

  • RHYS
    RHYS   1 months ago

    Do a LTM called the vault when all the vaulted weapons and items in the vault can only be used think it would be a good idea

  • Hacker_ Nights
    Hacker_ Nights   1 months ago

    unreal tornament looks grose at deaths like if you agree cuz epic can see this report

  • ZRexERect
    ZRexERect   1 months ago

    Eve is the bus driver 🤔 GAME THEORY

  • justin romain
    justin romain   1 months ago

    Omg zeke is soooooo gay we need a new fortnite skirmish host he says so much gay shit in those skirmish’s it’s unbelievable please kick him out plz

  • Fire Diaz
    Fire Diaz   1 months ago

    They should add team killing teammates back

  • The best Fam
    The best Fam   1 months ago

    Y’all talking about true and ninja.What about fearless?

  • Shmataroka BG
    Shmataroka BG   1 months ago

    Epic games please make fortnite battle roule for linux

  • nicolas et la vidéo
    nicolas et la vidéo   1 months ago

    Fdp de créateur à cause de vous j'ai plus de frère aller crever vous et votre merde de jeux de merde aller vous acheter une vie connardBande de pute arrêter de sucer les joueurs acheter un taff

  • sqar vlog 1
    sqar vlog 1   1 months ago

    Usuńcie potrzebe posiadiania xbox live gold bo to jest bardzo wkurzające plssss

  • Tox
    Tox   1 months ago

    Please make fortnite available on Samsung Galaxy A6 and A8

  • Unknown Legend
    Unknown Legend   1 months ago


  • Milik Aku
    Milik Aku   1 months ago

    fornite cam item,if you far you can see who come

  • Crazy Meta
    Crazy Meta   1 months ago

    Dear epic games add fortnite on ps3 plzz

  • Tpp Mafin
    Tpp Mafin   1 months ago

    I need to return recon specialist to shop

  • moiniii moin
    moiniii moin   1 months ago

    Könnt ihr bitte für mein handy Huawei p8 auch fortnite raus bringen

  • Nael_NS Ninja
    Nael_NS Ninja   1 months ago

    Hey Fortnite if you get back the Halloween music from last year all the players will play fortnite PLSS ADD IT BACK SO EVERYONE PLAY

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