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The Stunning Transformation Of Kelly Ripa

  • Published on: 26 September 2017
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    Queen of the daytime talk show circuit, Kelly Ripa automatically feels like your BFF. And her sense of humor is positively infectious. So how does this mother, host, and one-of-a-kind entertainer really do it all? Let's take a look at Ripa's ever-stunning transformation throughout the years…

    Mama's girl | 0:18
    Big break | 0:59
    Fate | 1:44
    Predicting the future | 2:27
    Family first | 3:01
    Finding her cool | 3:30
    Fit life | 4:00
    Standing up | 4:39
    #1 Mom | 5:25
    What's next? | 6:13

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  • Runtime : 6:49
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  • The List
    The List   1 years ago

    Are you still a Kelly Ripa fan?

  • Linda Casablanca-Potter

    Kelly is so beautiful and is so naturally funny! She and Mark make quite a handsome couple! And their friendship and love is so apparent! God continue to bless them!

  • J.D. Maya
    J.D. Maya   1 months ago


  • Judi Goldfarb
    Judi Goldfarb   2 months ago

    Have followed KR since AMC love her💗😘

  • Xyz Xyz
    Xyz Xyz   3 months ago

    Wow! she’s a true DRAMA QUEEN!

  • LG
    LG   6 months ago

    Wow she looks just like her mom.

  • whiteshell1
    whiteshell1   6 months ago

    Wow body shaming someone you don't even know. She's skinny, get the fuck over it. And for those that can't stand her, why the fuck are you on a video about her? I can't stand Kim Kardashian and guess what, I stay away from anything KK related. Common sense. Seems people like to be mean because they're hiding behind their keyboards during their miserable lives. The woman is successful and it's not for sleeping around or dressing skanky but did it herself. Ya what a horrible person to build a career, marriage and family. The nerve of her

  • Shari McCann
    Shari McCann   6 months ago

    I have had trouble with the way she shamelessly flirts with the male cohosts. It’s unprofessional and probably makes the man uncomfortable. I don’t understand the appeal.

  • Arnold Rivers
    Arnold Rivers   6 months ago

    She's one of the most stunning women I've seen. Perfect.

  • allgood11756
    allgood11756   6 months ago

    Kelly became a bbc slut after Michael Strahan had ruined her for the rest of us!

  • bernie b
    bernie b   7 months ago

    I like Kelly she is very sexy

  • Sydney h.
    Sydney h.   7 months ago

    I like her darker hair ,so classy for her BETTER then blond Look nice but I like darker 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Butterflies Honeybees
    Butterflies Honeybees   7 months ago

    She use to be so pretty, she looked so much better when she was bigger, I think that's one reason she looks like she's her mid 60s....look when she first auctioned....she use to be stunning...now just like a little old lady...sad

  • Snooker B
    Snooker B   7 months ago

    TRANSformation..ha! TRANSgender..Who was born the female here

  • kopec82
    kopec82   10 months ago

    Wow she looks good with few ponds on! She should eat more or exercise less

  • B B Jack
    B B Jack   10 months ago

    Ugly woman who looks like a bag of bones !!

  • Erin Vandalay
    Erin Vandalay   10 months ago

    She looks a lot better with some meat on her bones.

  • N. B.
    N. B.   10 months ago

    Man, I miss AMC. Mark is still hot. 😍

  • Sara Martinez
    Sara Martinez   10 months ago

    her husband is way to good looking to be with her. she has a horrible body. its wierd. shes weird.

  • 1cobaltcrazy
    1cobaltcrazy   10 months ago

    I liked her better when she was acting. She is so full of herself! I liked the old Kelly! I wish she would shut up and let someone say something! And she is too damn skinny and doesn't look healthy! I like her okay but nor like I used too!

  • Felix Choi
    Felix Choi   10 months ago

    Kelly tried to rape me, thankfully her face and voice caused me to experience permanent ED.

  • steve lawrence
    steve lawrence   11 months ago

    i'd like to show her daughter a good time...heheheehe

  • Surah Online
    Surah Online   1 years ago

    Loved her since the Hope & Faith days! X💖

  • SpiritualLight 4
    SpiritualLight 4   1 years ago

    Kelly Ripa ROCKS!!! I am proud of her accomplishments!!!