Summer of '84 FRENCH DVDRIP 2018 | Edward Tudor-Pole | arrow season 2 in dual audio

MY TRUTH... just kidding lol chit chat get ready with me

  • Published on: 04 September 2018
  • HI SISTERS!! I've been going through a lot recently and took a road trip with some of my best friends, the Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain. I decided to film a chit chat get ready with me and life update in our $1,000,000 luxury penthouse. Hope you enjoy this sister storytime!! Love you all the most

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 17:21
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  • Angie Viola
    Angie Viola   17 hours ago

    emma= kitty girlethan=kitty girl daddycoincidence? i think not

  • Nis Dash
    Nis Dash   19 hours ago

    He looks nice without the make-up

  • Trin Esparza
    Trin Esparza   3 days ago

    I love how Emma stayed in the bathroom to have sister time with James lol

  • Deborah Akeredolu
    Deborah Akeredolu   4 days ago

    Ok on a real, after James said " I may or may not have been in a realationship" a shop advert came up for Halloween costumes and everybody in the ad was screaming 😂😂Even YouTube knows how it is😂😂

  • Toni Trittis
    Toni Trittis   6 days ago

    can emma and ethanANNOUNCETHEIRRELATIONSHIPALREADY PLEASEi keep having literal dreams about themITS TIME

  • Abbie Dowing
    Abbie Dowing   6 days ago

    17 minutes of sister 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Susan Barrie
    Susan Barrie   1 weeks ago

    Hi james, I actually love your videos and think your content is very relatable and fun. If you talked a little slower I think you would get extra viewers and create a more calm happy environment for your videos, not that i know anything and i mean anything at all about youtube videos and by all means if you feel uncomfortable you do you anyway. I love you james and your videos and lifestyle is an inspiration.

  • Jacklyn Smith
    Jacklyn Smith   1 weeks ago

    holy shit a sister DROWNED in that setting spray hahaha i love it

  • kaity
    kaity   1 weeks ago

    he calls emma kitty girl when she comes in then ethan kitty girl daddy coincidence i think not

  • Jade Bluestone
    Jade Bluestone   1 weeks ago

    Who else stoped listening to James and just paying attention to Ethan shaving..?

  • Jade Bluestone
    Jade Bluestone   1 weeks ago

    OML did I just see Emma pants less? (Omg TEAAAA!)

  • Kenzie The Emo Unicorn

    Cane's is great. I went there when I was on vacation in Arizona to visit family. At least I think it was Canes's.

  • alex espinoza
    alex espinoza   1 weeks ago

    emma=kitty girl ethan=kitty girl daddy😱❤️😱❤️😱❤️😱❤️😱❤️😱❤️😱❤️

  • Wolfiexox
    Wolfiexox   1 weeks ago

    Everyone getting ready in the bathroom DYING

  • Zhanie A1
    Zhanie A1   1 weeks ago

    We love a good 50 mirror claps

  • Labiba Rahman
    Labiba Rahman   1 weeks ago

    who else just blocked out james' talking and watched the twins get ready?

  • delfina97
    delfina97   1 weeks ago

    TToTomTomoTomorTomorrTomorroTomorrowTomorrow iTomorrow itTomorrow it’sTomorrow it’s mTomorrow it’s myTomorrow it’s my 1Tomorrow it’s my 15Tomorrow it’s my 15tTomorrow it’s my 15thTomorrow it’s my 15th bTomorrow it’s my 15th biTomorrow it’s my 15th birTomorrow it’s my 15th birtTomorrow it’s my 15th birthTomorrow it’s my 15th birthdTomorrow it’s my 15th birthdaTomorrow it’s my 15th birthdayTomorrow it’s my 15th birthdaTomorrow it’s my 15th birthdTomorrow it’s my 15th birthTomorrow it’s my 15th birtTomorrow it’s my 15th birTomorrow it’s my 15th biTomorrow it’s my 15th bTomorrow it’s my 15th Tomorrow it’s my 15tTomorrow it’s my 15Tomorrow it’s my 1Tomorrow it’s myTomorrow it’s mTomorrow it’sTomorrow itTomorrow iTomorrowTomorroTomorrTomorTomoTomToTOMG I AM REALLY EXCITED ❤️🌸💚

  • Mark Daniels
    Mark Daniels   1 weeks ago

    Do a sister make out session with Grayson. I bet he's a GREAT kisser, lol

  • Rabael Mughal
    Rabael Mughal   1 weeks ago

    You are beautiful without make up man why you did that ??am frm pakistan like u man

  • Lucy J
    Lucy J   1 weeks ago

    James James James James James James James JamesJamesI was going to do the whole thing then I was like OH HELL NO

  • Laila Stevens
    Laila Stevens   1 weeks ago

    15:12 OMG ur a good singer ❤️❤️ love u sister

  • Smomo Moqabolane
    Smomo Moqabolane   1 weeks ago

    SSiSisSistSisteSisterSister SSister SqSister Squ Sister SquaSister Squad Sister SquaSister SquSister SqSister SSister SisteSistSisSiS

  • taji Magazine
    taji Magazine   1 weeks ago

    when he said hey kitty girl daddy, I felt that.

  • Tennis Man24
    Tennis Man24   2 weeks ago

    umm when james bleeps out the price of his bracelet it the mirror but forgets to bleep it out in real life

  • Sar Bear
    Sar Bear   2 weeks ago

    Say hi this is kitty girl daddy! 😂 💀

  • Alxcia Constant
    Alxcia Constant   2 weeks ago

    The fact that he is a year younger then me and does his makeup like A GODDESS kills me! ~ Purrrrfection! 🌟💕