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Alyssa Milano: I could feel Kavanaugh's rage

  • Published on: 05 October 2018
  • Actress Alyssa Milano describes what she perceives to be a double standard toward Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's behavior at his confirmation hearing.
  • Runtime : 6:54
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  • Pep Pa
    Pep Pa   5 hours ago

    oh please....the only thing you can feel in that room was gas

  • Jeny Plante
    Jeny Plante   12 hours ago

    Nadie sabia quien era esa tipa Alisa Milano hasta el dia de hoy buscando publicidad con los fAke news

  • Nancy Lewis
    Nancy Lewis   15 hours ago

    The smart actresses and actors that want to keep their career keep their mouth shut and stay out of politics unless you're going to run for office please be quiet

  • Richard Wolske
    Richard Wolske   22 hours ago

    People are afraid of the possibility of a monster, how would you feel if someone said you where doing sexual inappropriate things without anything more then your word against his ? 35 years later , did it happen? Myself I think not ! You listen to all the testimony from the beginning,she never not one time put herself in a position that she can be held accountable for , How can she be so sure ? Her therapist said after some time after being hypnotized she suddenly remembered! How she got there ,when she got there where the location was and how she got home ?????? The thing she remembers most ? The laughing! Oh the laughing must have been horrible. I would think that the possibility of being forced to have sex would have had me remembering the grabbing and groping. She fell on the floor then got away from two strong guys ? They must have been vary determined. I think she is a disgusting woman with a agenda to destroy the kavanaugh nomination. I don’t know what your motivations are but if you got all that from the look on his children and wife you could have possibly wanted to see a rapist , of course you would probably think it was ok to hold and leak that information until the last minute of his nomination and you are clearly a Democrat! Our you wouldn’t have judged this circus with the clarity you seem too posses. The Democrats have done everything in there power to remover this president! It will not happen! You may be looking for the purest persons in America to lead ,there are none ! Justice kavanaugh was shaken beyond belief,but you see a animal with no possible chance of truth . I just hope you are not a judge.

  • David Mason
    David Mason   1 days ago

    Allysa Milano and Michael Avenati were in bankruptcy before this movement. Ask her how much she's been paid by the Democratic party?

  • trapper surg
    trapper surg   1 days ago

    I haven't voted in a presidential election since Reagan. Take a guess who, with the initials DT, that I'm voting for in 2020.

  • Emily K. Bain
    Emily K. Bain   1 days ago

    And we could "see" you trying to lean into every frame at every opportunity. You're career is over. Get over yourself, Milano. You were never even that much of an actress

  • Elaine Clinton
    Elaine Clinton   1 days ago

    What will happen when Republicans protest and retaliate against Liberals in the streets and take to them in them the same way the liberals are doing right now?Alyssa Milano is so stupid running her fool #$$ mouth twisting every situation and Law we depend on to secure our country and the people of this country.One day it will come to a point when the infection has to be made prove their alligation they are making.And prison is it not good enough for this infection in our country.Alyssa morono needs to prove what she is spewing as to fact or be made pay for her threats and prosecution without evidence!

  • dave walters
    dave walters   1 days ago

    its obvious that people who play make believe for a living have a firmer grasp on reality then the a rest of us dumb ole happy her career ended i dont like #lying liberal morons

  • ABC Bricks
    ABC Bricks   1 days ago

    Alyssa Milano - on CNN. Bottom of the barrel even for the FAKE NEWS MEDIA

  • carlos tejada
    carlos tejada   1 days ago

    I love this grandma

  • Jim Martin
    Jim Martin   1 days ago

    I wonder if CNN knows actually helping trump to get in office.come on keep it up

  • B Fig
    B Fig   1 days ago

    I can’t stand Hollywood they live in a bubble and all think that without them guiding us and telling us what to think we are lost. Alyssa please just go back to your world you just want to bring division that man was being accused without evidence. Where is Christine Ford now??? Yeah she’s not pursuing anything because she did her job disrupt and make people become unhinged and protest and divide our nation.

  • chilled99
    chilled99   1 days ago

    People complain Milano is on here but just like you she has an opinion. Deal with it Trumptards, we have to listen to mindless celebrity and failed businessman Trump everyday so we'll hear from Milano for 6 minutes.

  • John Molloy
    John Molloy   1 days ago

    CNN you are turning voter's away from the dirty democrat party .Thank You xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Diversity94
    Diversity94   1 days ago

    For all the dumbasses who say "I vote republican now." just because of Alyssa Milano giving a statement, I have to say : your dumbasses!I mean really your change your vote simply because you don't like what one voice has to say. That is so dumb!I mean you can vote republican, there's nothing wrong with that, but pls do it out of the right reasons.And not because you don't like a speaks person from the left.

    THE MAYOR   2 days ago


  • ASMR Trending
    ASMR Trending   2 days ago

    Who the fuck is this psycho bitch ???😳😳😳😕😕😕😕

  • Stephen Bridges
    Stephen Bridges   2 days ago

    I love Alyssa Milano as an actress, but I will never watch her again.  She should stick to acting and stay out of politics. How would she act if she had been falsely accused of gang rape?  I bet she would be enraged as well.  Thank God Justice Kavanaugh didn't give in to the liberal Left.  God Bless America!

  • Jay Boyee
    Jay Boyee   2 days ago

    I use to have such a crush on his girl. I compared all my girlfriends to her.

  • ThinkGod Always
    ThinkGod Always   2 days ago

    Career must be in jeopardy. When it gets low she strips.

  • CarlTheCuck
    CarlTheCuck   2 days ago

    Condemns Kavanaugh over biased sexual assault accusations that have been proven false. Tweets praise and love to Bill Clinton who actually raped women. This bitch has no credibility.

  • Amina Ali
    Amina Ali   2 days ago

    I'm just going to say due process

  • Debra Jackson
    Debra Jackson   2 days ago

    Really, Alyssa!?! And why should anyone care what ur opinion is?As far as her remarks on "temperment"--Kavanaugh's temperment represented every mother of sons who were accussed of crimes 30 yrs after the fact and future baseless charges that is based on political bipartiamship.

  • Joe Haupt
    Joe Haupt   2 days ago

    Chris-O, You really have a knack for comedy even if it is unintended. Lou Costello usually comes to mind.

  • Julz 17
    Julz 17   2 days ago

    The heartless self centered bitch who doesn't know what she is talking about pfft

  • Norbert Evans
    Norbert Evans   2 days ago

    Sad that these old and long forgotten actresses think anyone gives a crap about their political opinions. WE DON'T!

  • BC
    BC   2 days ago


  • Mike Becket
    Mike Becket   2 days ago

    We'll what do you expect...the entire left nuts and fruits attacking an innocent person

  • Alfonso Gomez
    Alfonso Gomez   2 days ago

    She is best at nude scenes...go breast feed all the 3rd world countries..

  • F. M. Arouet
    F. M. Arouet   2 days ago

    He does not want to sue the lying women, because he and his family are trying to recover.They all received Death threats!!!!! Now, they want to go on. Sueing is no small or cheap thing.