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Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
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    I’m very proud to present the video for 'Nina Cried Power', directed by Jon Hozier-Byrne and Patrick Ryan.

    This song was intended as a thank you note to the spirit and legacy of protest; to the artists who imbued their work with the vigour of dissent, and a reflection on the importance of that tradition in the context of the rights, and lives, we enjoy today. My hope for this video is much the same.

    Ireland has undergone a socio-cultural sea change, the results of which will benefit generations to come. We are witness to a new Ireland waking to the consciousness of itself; a kinder, more inclusive nation. This video is an attempt to acknowledge just a handful of those who have fought for this new Ireland, and whose work continues to inspire me.

    Thank you to Christina Noble, for showing the limitlessness of human kindness, and its ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.

    Thank you to Bernadette McAliskey and Eamon McCann, who fought for the bitterly-resisted equal right to vote, and who bore witness to atrocity and would not be silenced.

    Thank you to Joe Caslin, who literally coated Dublin city itself with reflections on our capacity for compassion as a people.

    Thank you to Saoirse Long, whose honesty revealed not only our own failures as a people, but laid bare the true face of what barred the way of progress for women’s reproductive rights.

    Thank you to Panti Bliss, who remains a leading voice advocating for inclusion, and a standard-bearer for the new Ireland we are watching unfold.

    Thank you to Victoria Chimera for fighting tirelessly for equal opportunities in education.

    Thank you to Anna Cosgrave, who provided real leadership to my generation, and brought new widespread visibility to the issue of reproductive rights.

    Thank you to Simone George for her indelible spirit, and for fighting injustice in its many forms.

    Thank you to Grace Dyas whose decisions in work and life give to us an example of bravery and conscience.

    Thank you to Sinéad Burke for pushing tirelessly for inclusivity in her industry and beyond.

    Thank you to Maria Walsh for using her platform to promote gender equality, and the right for everyone to love who they love.

    Thank you to Colm O’Gorman, for his unwavering dedication to human rights and his fearless speaking of truth to power.

    Thank you to Ellie Kisyombe for reminding us of the meaning of home.

    Thank you to Stephen Rea for the work he does both for UNICEF, and for Ireland itself.

    Thank you to Sam Blanckensee for their important work on gender recognition legislation.

    Thank you to Florence Adebambo and Aaron Edo for reminding us of the bright future that awaits those who have joined us from afar, and how that future needs to be fought for.

    Thank you to Blessings Moyo and Lucky Khambule for reminding us how much further we have to go, and how we must strive to do better.

    Thank you to Mavis Staples, for giving to the world a timeless example of how worthwhile the raising of one’s voice is, in song and in protest.

    Thank you to you all for your work, for joining us on set and allowing us to play you the song for the first time. You are all truly inspirational figures, and this video is for you.

    Find out more about the Activists featured in the Nina Cried Power video
  • Runtime : 3:53
  • Hozier Nina Cried Power Universal-Island Records Ltd. Alternative


  • Beatriz C.O
    Beatriz C.O   10 hours ago

    Me identifico mucho con esta personas. Tus cascos y tus canciones.

  • Amanda Leal
    Amanda Leal   1 days ago

    I love this song, but it's frustrating that it puts James Brown, someone known for comitting domestic violence and being misogynist, beside amazing women, especially for a song praising a woman for crying power.

  • Mate Zimny
    Mate Zimny   1 days ago

    People born on Saint Patrick's Day have something special inside.

  • Robert Moreton
    Robert Moreton   1 days ago

    What the fuck are they going on about? This is spunk

  • TM Chevelle
    TM Chevelle   2 days ago

    It's not the waking, It's the rising!

  • xx xx
    xx xx   2 days ago


  • drag0nfly_girl
    drag0nfly_girl   2 days ago

    Ugh. I’m so over Hozier. Bet you all won’t be celebrating the feels when the right awakens, rises and cries power.

  • Mirielle Caradonna
    Mirielle Caradonna   3 days ago

    There should be a 'love' button on youtube videos, cuz I need it right now

  • Audie Lajeunesse
    Audie Lajeunesse   3 days ago

    A great message! We need to do more than know about inequality, we have to do our best to treat everyone equally. Treat everyone as u would like to be treated! ❤️.

  • Dave T
    Dave T   3 days ago

    Liked this at first, now it just sounds like random blah blah blah blah blah. Tries hard to sound deep, but it's really nothing.

  • Sherlin Merliniara
    Sherlin Merliniara   4 days ago

    i didn't cry when i heard this song first time but it felt like something important. but i cried a little watching this video, cause watching other people emotions affects me and because of the story behind this video and those people

  • Dan Lucas
    Dan Lucas   4 days ago

    I absolutely love this track, but I'm astonished by how much Mavis Staples sounds like Samuel T Herring of Future Islands.

  • Woody Woodlice
    Woody Woodlice   4 days ago

    This song is pure fire! The soul soars.. What a talent.

  • Dawn Lynch
    Dawn Lynch   4 days ago

    This is one hell of a tune I just love it only heard it yesterday morning MTV rocks and I've been looking for it on YouTube and now just found it what a tune it's so powerful the words just get to you well done whoever wrote this fantastic job you need to have this full blast on your hi-fi

  • Kristin W
    Kristin W   5 days ago

    It is your voice that evokes such emotion in every song.

  • Erez Bazon
    Erez Bazon   6 days ago

    My day went from 0 to 10! just amazing.

  • Joanna Marie Segura
    Joanna Marie Segura   6 days ago

    The passion you hear from Hozier and Mavis just makes me cry! This EP deserves every recognition!