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  • Published on: 19 August 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I wanted to sit down and just talk to you guys. It's been 2 weeks since The Secret Life of Jeffree Star has been out in the world and I wanted to address questions you guys had, and expand on a few topics... I also wanted to reveal a few dark secrets that I wasn't ready to tell Shane or talk about until now... My whole life I've had a very hard time opening up to anyone... Thank you for listening.


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  • Vicky zeng
    Vicky zeng   5 hours ago

    You're such a beautiful human❤️and I totally agree, the ones that are struggling are so good at hiding their pain...thank you so much for sharing your story because it's truly inspiring.

  • Lily 11
    Lily 11   10 hours ago

    I cried listening to this. I really love you J🌟

  • Cindy Nicely
    Cindy Nicely   11 hours ago

    Can everyone say beautiful queen...you look amazing 😍

  • Heyboobear
    Heyboobear   11 hours ago

    I can’t help but feel happy for jeffree because he is such a beautiful person who really made something out of nothing and It’s so hard to understand how he did it. But, it makes me sad but happy that jeffree can say it out loud because I can only imagine.

  • Jessica Massey
    Jessica Massey   16 hours ago

    love you, wish we could be friends. we all face stuff in life. xo

  • Hizkia Siappudan
    Hizkia Siappudan   20 hours ago

    i am petrified by how this video showed up.. like, i’m emotionally proud of Jeffree 💕🥀

  • Christina Olivera
    Christina Olivera   20 hours ago

    I've read this in a book n it hit me in my soul n I wanted to share this with you cuz I thought you would like it as well...... A woman's strength isn't just about how much she can handle before she breaks. It's about how much she must handle after she's broken..... hope you like this n lots of love XOXOXOXOXO

  • Christina Olivera
    Christina Olivera   21 hours ago

    Nobody is perfect but I'm glad that you got to let things out... I truly understand cuz I know someone who does it as well n know another person that also has taken there lives n it's so sad n I wish I could have been there more for them but it was too late...... n I truly understand about not having your mom by your side it was 10years as well but now we have a very good loving relationship n I'm thank full for her back in my life but we love so hard n our hearts are so big..... i'm truly sorry for what happened but I'm glad that you got to talk to your mom n that you got to help her.....but I still love you n your still very amazing n beautiful lots of love XOXOXOXOXO cool beans ❤🖤💜🧡💙💚💛👄🖤❣😘😍😘😍❤💘

  • Christina Olivera
    Christina Olivera   21 hours ago

    You are soooooo funny an amazing lots of love XOXOXOXOXO you are beautiful... you worked so hard for what you have .....so who you are n once again your so amazing XOXOXOXOXO

  • Nicole J
    Nicole J   1 days ago

    So much respect for this Queen! 😍😚 you are loved Jeffree!!

  • Ninya Elaine de Vega

    I love you Jeffree!!! Hope to meet you! I had soooo much respect for you. By the way, here's a fan from the Philippines! Lav yah!

  • Angelic Austin
    Angelic Austin   1 days ago

    As a mother, I watched this video and wanted to reach out and hug you.. as a women, I see such strength and a genuine insight in your words, which made me tear up in understanding.... Like so many, I enjoy your humor and make up tips, but this video has made you endearing and beautiful from the inside to me... wishing you many blessings in this new journey of self discovery

  • Caroline Crowe
    Caroline Crowe   1 days ago

    So I bern watching your videos sense 10am it's now 11:08pm were I live in I am,truly in love with your videos and I haven't even worn makeup wouldn't even know were to start...but I can relate to,the self harming thing I was 15 at the starte of it and am,not 38 and stopped two years ago my husband doesn't even,know I lied bout the times I have behind his back...but now haven't in a year are two......also am,saving to buy my first pack,of really good game though your brand so in maybe 6 months ill have <3 thank you for sharing your story!!

  • Cam Blazin
    Cam Blazin   1 days ago

    I love you so much ❤️ I believe God is at work within you. You are his good work 🌞💛

  • ili g
    ili g   1 days ago

    thank you for sharing soo much

  • shannon emary
    shannon emary   1 days ago

    Absolutely amazing. AMAZING! It made me cry. You my dear are inspiring. Your real. Your human. Your endearing. If you were here, I would give you a big hug...life if hard man. One day at a time my friend. I love you. Hope to meet you some day! Xoxoxo

  • Shelly R.
    Shelly R.   1 days ago

    I've always put up the front that I was happy people always thought I was happy I was hurting and destroyed inside I'm 48 years old now and my life still has the torture of what I've dealt with thank you for bringing it forward so many people don't understand or they're embarrassed to talk about it I have I wanted to help other people locally I've done it thank you for doing it on social media

  • Diana Kessler
    Diana Kessler   1 days ago

    Jeffree, I dont know how you made it thru this video without crying.. Im balling my eyes out. This is hitting home for me because I am a single Mom of four..Should be five but I lost my third baby at 9 months.. So many areas of this video struck a nerve but mostly I a, struggling with the almost empty nest. I jave sorta two left at home but my 17 yr old is on his way out.. and the part that bothers me mainly because we were homeless for four years..but together.. and now the three dont even check to see if Im alive. I know they are just growing up and finding their way but my health is declining and I want them to have memories and time but... thats me.. they are doing them and I get it but it still hurts that I raised them alone for 24 years and you cant fucking call me??Text me?? And im not saying any of this because you didnt see ur mom!! Please dont take it like that.. But they know how I struggled to GET A HOME for us and now they left!! So as a mom who devoted the last quarter century providing for them.. still a phonecall is too much.. Grrrrr,, Im sorry.. I think this video was freat..It wsa real and raw and I respect you a lot for helping your Mom. I hope you make as much time and memories as you can because life is fast.. Thank you for sharing.. I cpuld go on about other parts of our history we have been similar but just thank you.. I hope you reach many with these awesome messages!! XOXO Diana

  • Brittnie Whitmore
    Brittnie Whitmore   1 days ago

    I love the Shane vids it let me c a softer side of u 1 that shows that it's not just the money and what comes with that money

  • Damaris Molina
    Damaris Molina   1 days ago

    You are in inspiration to me ❤️ You are such a beautiful person inside and out😘💋

  • Ashly Wallace
    Ashly Wallace   1 days ago


  • Brandon O.
    Brandon O.   1 days ago

    DUde your hurting youself everytime you scar your body with another tatoo, everytime you starve your self and then binge on candy and taco bel. Your blood sugar is prolly so disregulated your gonna start aging so fast in your 40's from being overly gluconeogenic. Anti-aging doesn't come from putting on makeup and a cream its a life long effort of working out and eating right and not doing drugs and alcohol and managing your gut health.

  • Susanna Vesna
    Susanna Vesna   1 days ago

    I am so glad i discovered you & Shane! Love your channels!

  • Kimberlee Arsenault
    Kimberlee Arsenault   1 days ago

    So, I am a 48 yr old woman. I started watching you about three weeks ago and the weird thing for me is that I don't wear makeup (occasionally for special occasions), but I accidentally came upon one of your videos and I was immediately drawn to you. YOU. Not the makeup. Yes, you are extremely talented as an artist but, I was drawn to your personality. The way you hold yourself and tell it like it is. The way you look when you talk about Nate. The way you've risen above all that crap from others amongst the makeup industry. I believe you are an awesome person. Now, I just watched this video and I have to say I really cried. From watching Shane's documentary, I can tell you're a stand up kinda human and now after watching this, my heart goes out to you. I can relate to a lot of what you went through with my own boys, husband and life. so I want to tell you time will help you heal. I hope you grow well and happy with your mother and build a wonderful and healthy relationship with her. Cheers. You keep being you and stay healthy in body and mind. I'm now a huge, huge fan.

  • Melanie Nail
    Melanie Nail   1 days ago

    Its nice to hear someone else verbalize what you feel inside. I dont hide my scars cause theyre a part of me and what it took to get me here. Thank you for sharing!! Not even a big make up person but i love your videos 💝

  • Addis Idrovo
    Addis Idrovo   2 days ago

    Tbh, I didn't know who he was until yesterday I was curious about "the secret life" and I was hooked. Spent HOURS watching all the parts and had a great time oogling Nate.. haha.

  • torianevg1
    torianevg1   2 days ago

    I feel you're an introvert at heart. It amazes me how much you've pushed past that. How anyone pushes past the hearts desire to stay hidden in a shell. Your success is a huge inspiration. The fear that comes with all the responsibility of all that success has to be enormous. What a strong individual you are, I'm a bit jealous. I'm also in awe and wow what a dream it would be to shadow you to learn from you how you do all you do. All the facets of the business and personal side. School could never teach that. I know you don't know me from Adam, I've never commented on anything of yours before but I want to say I'm proud of you! My daughter who is my oldest (16yo) doesn't identify as a gender and my youngest (10yo) son identifies as a girl. I can only hope that they grow to be as strong and successful as you and they don't allow their fears to ever hold them back from reaching for their dreams. So once again I'm proud of you for all you've accomplished! 💜

  • Bumble
    Bumble   2 days ago

    Truly love you Jeffree as much as anyone person fan on the internet can without knowing you. You are a beautiful inside and out.

  • Sam Boyd
    Sam Boyd   2 days ago

    You are so inspirational and I have such respect for you already and I just started watching your videos. I haven’t been that into make up until now and I’ve heard about you a lot but never came on your channel. But I’m so glad I did. You are doing such amazing things and you really will succeed in anything. Hearing your story was very touching to me and I’ve felt alone and empty before too. It’s nice knowing that I’m not alone in feeling that way. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us

  • Tyler Wolff
    Tyler Wolff   2 days ago

    Thank you for sharing all of this. I, like many, hadn't watched any of your videos or followed your life much but after Shanes series I've taken a really strong liking to who you are as a person. I absolutely relate to the issues you had with your family. I grew up incredibly poor with no adult guidance so life has been a consistent struggle, my dad left when I was born and never got in touch with me, my mom abused drugs and was both emotionally and physically abusive until I moved out at 24, my two older sisters didn't care about me and I was alienated from the rest of my family since nobody wanted to speak to my mom. I've often felt like I was born into this world without a family because the one I had might as well have been strangers. Watching your series I related to your feeling of loneliness. At times it gets absolutely crippling. You ask yourself "if my own family couldn't love me, who can?", then as people you let into your life and call friends screw you over it drives you into deeper isolation until eventually you don't have the energy to open up to anyone. I'm glad you were able to eventually find people in your life that truly love you for who you are rather than what you offer in terms of their own personal gain. You're also completely right about depression. It never leaves. You'll never be able to completely shake those thoughts or emotional scars. They're there until the end and as life goes on you just try your best to find ways to cope. I just want to thank you for opening up and as I struggle with my own life, I find genuine joy in your content so I thank you for that as well. Stay strong <3