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The Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Play "Fiancé My Name"

  • Published on: 02 August 2016
  • Jojo and Jordan answer trivia questions about each other in a round of “Fiancé My Name.”

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    The Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Play "Fiancé My Name"
  • Runtime : 4:38
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  • j bibee
    j bibee   3 months ago

    She looks just like Isla Fisher!

  • Carren Queen
    Carren Queen   4 months ago

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  • Haley Ingham
    Haley Ingham   7 months ago

    Why does he not like the Green Bay Packers because his brother plays on that team. Btw I live near there so I’m a fan of the Green Bay packers

  • Bee Tanti
    Bee Tanti   7 months ago

    dont care what anyone says theyre my fav couple from day 1

  • YouPube
    YouPube   1 years ago

    I bet she won't pick him if he's just regular guy who work in the office and not part of that famous football family player with that status, money, fame and power.

  • Susan Reese
    Susan Reese   1 years ago

    He's a sociopath I knew one just like him

  • Samantha Ver Voort
    Samantha Ver Voort   1 years ago

    Jordans should have been the green bay packers because thats where his brother Aaron plays

    SHISTER SQUAD   1 years ago

    For the favorite sports team question I was like Jojo do not say the Green Bay packers!!!

  • Andrew Colantonio
    Andrew Colantonio   1 years ago

    before they went on Jojo said to Jordan "Okay no matter what we answer on the cards just say its correct so people think were in love and that I didn't just pick you because your brother is Aaron Rodgers."

  • Libby Rowan
    Libby Rowan   1 years ago

    these people are engaged and they're struggling to recall basic information about each other. well to each their own i guess

  • Paula S
    Paula S   2 years ago

    They need to do a celebrity bachelor

  • Bzone96
    Bzone96   2 years ago

    there is absolutely nothing off about their relationship! Jojo is as genuine as you can get! but if you look close enough at Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell interviews you can almost tell they have already had a few "fights".lol..its like the weird and uncomfortable facial expressions Ben gives off when Lauren is answering the questions.she seems to be taking over the conversation as to say "You need to ask me because I know better how to answer that,,as to say Ben is kinda stupid and not quite intellectual enough to answer them..I just dont see her being submissive to this man who has a religious background and seems to appreciate the value of Prayer in his life..she is just not on any Religious level it seems! REALLY BAD CHOICE "Ben! you will see in the END!!!when she is being interviewed she keeps looking over at Ben to see if he is bothered with her TALKING SO MUCH..which it really seems as if she talks WAYYY TOOO MUCH!!! Wow!!!and now they have a TV reality show coming up? ummm? Guess thats gonna be as FAKE as their relationship seems to be at this point!lol

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson   2 years ago

    These shows are very fake Jordan Rodgers only got on to the show because he is Aaron brother. The show told Jojo to choose Jordan come on people wake up these shows cars about ratings and controversy.

  • 10 GAWD
    10 GAWD   2 years ago

    Lol the wedding is already off she called Jordan an attention seeking jerk

  • Amenadiel Jagger
    Amenadiel Jagger   2 years ago

    Watched the entire season of Bachelorette, felt compelled for Jojo able to find the true love she deserves, but the final choice somehow is another vicious cycle which she made bad choices in her past relationships and in the end by pushing her way through to get the guy she wants says it all.. I felt she should have taken her family's advice seriously... And esp watching Jojo's dad got emotional teary-eyed when Robby approached him for his daughter's hand on marriage... Which says alot about family knows best... And watching Jojo defending Jordan despite her entire family including her older brothers felt Robby was a better man for her... She juz couldn't see it... I feel bad coz Jordan looks like someone from Miami whom was attracted to a few years ago, physical appearance, mannerisms, persona very uncanny similar... While initially said the nicest things and get my attention, and from there left things hanging in the air, led me on for 5 months which he got no balls to talk about it, and didn't seem to go anywhere further into this relationship till confronted him which he finally forced to reveal there wasn nothing more than juz friendship between us while all this while been screwing around behind my back.. Instantaneously, i dropped him like a hot potato... Wasn't upset juz becoz the relationship supposedly envisioned didn't work out but the fact his douchebag behaviour and obnoxious character and utter disrespect and disregard of my position even as a friend wasn't there... Oh well.. shall see how it goes... Jojo deserves better... If it doesnt workout i hope Robby will still be waiting for her... but only time will tell..

  • GSDota
    GSDota   2 years ago

    Funny how he's not wearing a ring

  • Kelsey Jay
    Kelsey Jay   2 years ago

    There's nothing in her head at all

  • Tiffany Shockley
    Tiffany Shockley   2 years ago

    That was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen..

  • Jas monroy
    Jas monroy   2 years ago

    jojo isnt as smart as i thought, spelling breathe wrong, and thinking you write about yourself on the card. wow

  • Elizabeth R.
    Elizabeth R.   2 years ago

    The night she sent Luke home was the last night I watched :/ But I do wish them happiness!

  • Nate Laws
    Nate Laws   2 years ago

    Needtobreathe is such a good band! By far my favorite band, I wonder what his favorite song by them is.

  • Frank McGrath
    Frank McGrath   2 years ago

    "This is a kitchen supply"oh it is? I thought it was a bathroom supply

  • .
    .   2 years ago

    I like watching this type of reality show, but ABC can you not make this so recycled?? Everyone else on the next bachelor or bachelorette is the same person from previous shows, whoever the loser, gee, can you actually pick a fresh new face that is not a slut or a bachelor that has a good career?? Don't you think? 🙄It's getting lower standards.

  • Joy P.
    Joy P.   2 years ago

    Whats the Bachelorette about??

  • Cholesterol isn't all bad.

    American royalty. They personify the ideal perfect relationship. They epitomize love, faithfulness, commitment, and fidelity. People make the mistake of thinking every relationship has its hardships, but Ms. Jojo and Mr. Jordan prove these individuals wrong, because they indeed, are perfect. May they bless us with their presence if we are ever so lucky. Thank you God for their guidance.

  • Hannah Weber
    Hannah Weber   2 years ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the fact that they don't know their own fiancee's grandparents? 😂