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Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?

  • Published on: 14 July 2018
  • The Try Guys get consultations from Dr. Diamond, a world-famous celebrity plastic surgeon, and are photoshopped with the most perfect version of their faces.

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    Dr. Jason B. Diamond, Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    The Diamond Face Institute

    Photoshop Artist - Michael Langan



    The Try Guys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC.  Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.

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  • Runtime : 20:42
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  • Baby Grave
    Baby Grave   20 minuts ago

    When are the Try Guys going to try POLE DANCING

  • Anette Ramirez
    Anette Ramirez   36 minuts ago

    Omg Zach 😭 Don’t say that about yourself muchacho, u are such a cute human being, ur smile honestly makes me smile, and your personality is lovely,u are perfect as u are right now. Love Yourself.Y’all are perfect and beautiful. 💙❤️💚💜

  • Dira Boddie
    Dira Boddie   56 minuts ago

    It's so crazy how Eugene feels so insecure but everyone else thinks he's perfect

  • Corrin Bash
    Corrin Bash   59 minuts ago

    Hey, I think all of them are good looking. Glasses and all. Love nerd boys.

  • Diana Montero
    Diana Montero   1 hours ago

    I was really happy to see BTS included here.

  • StandsAlone Woman
    StandsAlone Woman   1 hours ago

    I obviously don't watch enough to know that Eugene is lgbt as well... or was he just saying that?

  • Samara Malcolm
    Samara Malcolm   2 hours ago

    It was so heart breaking to see zach's reaction.

  • Francesca Jose
    Francesca Jose   2 hours ago

    Eugene looks like Will from The Little Couple when he was a kid

  • Nastya
    Nastya   2 hours ago

    They are all beautiful

  • Idristardis
    Idristardis   3 hours ago

    I think they all looked better before. I feel sad they all had things they didn’t like about them self’s :(

  • Nik
    Nik   3 hours ago

    They're all good looking already! The altered versions were just so strange. I look at myself and can point out every flaw. But my daughter is my duplicate. And she is BEAUTIFUL, so I must not be ugly. We are our own worst critic.

  • Victor Ulloa
    Victor Ulloa   4 hours ago

    Honestly I think zack has a nice face I think if he fixed his hairline and took off his glasses to show off more of his face he’d look soo good

  • YN _
    YN _   5 hours ago

    I stopped the video to come see all the bts comments

  • Jesica Garcia
    Jesica Garcia   6 hours ago


  • Jesica Garcia
    Jesica Garcia   6 hours ago

    Y’all are good looking all 4 of y’all and if people don’t see that or talk down on y’all for that then it’s their loss. 💞💕💗💘.

  • Michael Weimer
    Michael Weimer   6 hours ago

    Ned, the child of Ryan Reynolds and Michael Cera.

  • Nikita Kulkarni
    Nikita Kulkarni   8 hours ago

    Aww Zack... It broke my ♥ to see him like that💔Noooo Ned... Don't get used to it

  • noam shokef
    noam shokef   9 hours ago

    Its so painfull for me to hear people so unhappy with themselves... Cause i Know how they feel.. And i wish no one will feel like that

  • Wolf Crypter
    Wolf Crypter   10 hours ago

    I think that people today should be approved from all ages to religion race etc and we shouldn’t have to look at someone and make them useless because of their looks or religion race etc and I think that we need to appreciate people for who they are instead of judging them from the home country’s etc because a person from Germany in my class got bullied by my best friend and I stood up toward the German person because my best friend was being so rude and judgey and I HATED it and even if that race etc has a bad past it doesn’t mean that person is bad . I HATE PEOPLE WHO JUDGE FROM PEOPLES LOOKS RACE ECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mery Hope Mora
    Mery Hope Mora   10 hours ago

    I’m here like “you’re all so cute wtf😫💕”

  • Adulting Poorly
    Adulting Poorly   11 hours ago

    Zach gets it. I'm sorry that this video upset him, but the fact that he (and Keith) could reflect on the fact that women experience this every single day... that's important. Thank you Zach, your girlfriend is a very lucky girl.

  • Emster234
    Emster234   13 hours ago

    Eugene, you should have went to my school because you'd be the token Asian guy. We don't get much diversity here. 50% native 49% white 1% black

  • alice
    alice   14 hours ago

    You're all perfect the way you are! Seriously though, your 'flaws' are what make you really attractive to me

  • Daisi Culley
    Daisi Culley   14 hours ago

    I can really connect with Zach.I often feel the same way about myself .But Zach is absolutely fine ,and if I had to say one thing ,it would just be the hair thing because he understandably doesn’t want to lose his hair,

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk   15 hours ago

    Zach you’re beautiful.

  • Help Your Basic
    Help Your Basic   17 hours ago

    Can we all just agree that Eugene could get away with looking like JYP XD

  • Angie C
    Angie C   19 hours ago

    Zach, you broke my heart. I love your face.

  • Eva B.
    Eva B.   22 hours ago

    I just want to give zach a big ol hug omg

  • BTS Fandom
    BTS Fandom   22 hours ago

    Zach is perfect in his own way. He doesn’t need to change at all. All the try guys don’t need to change

  • Mathilda Haddock
    Mathilda Haddock   23 hours ago

    “Let’s see the new Eugene!” Literally nothing changes 😂 I literally can’t breathe. He’s like, “Wait did I click it? Is it broken?”

  • Saturated Skies
    Saturated Skies   1 days ago

    When you think about it... Say two people had similar features, one with injections and plastic surgery done but you couldn't tell and the other completely natural, and they have a kid. I think it'd be funny if the kid got characteristics of the plastic surgery person and the other person might be like, "Well, that's weird. Why do they have the opposite characteristics that we have?"