Gordon Ramsay's Salted Caramel Popcorn

  • Published on: 01 November 2018
  • A delicious twist on a simple snack.

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  • Runtime : 2:20
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  • Rojda Duru Ozturk
    Rojda Duru Ozturk   3 days ago

    “Start off with just a touch of oil in there” Pours entire bottle

  • Maybelleen
    Maybelleen   3 days ago

    0:26 Eats an unseasoned popcorn... "Hmm, delicious".

  • Troy K
    Troy K   4 days ago

    doesn't matter what he cooks. In this case he cooks popcorn but still has crates of the most aesthetically fresh produce.

  • Artsy Here
    Artsy Here   4 days ago

    I made this and I made two versionsThe first version set on fire....The second version was a bit burnt but was really good 😍 the caramel was spot on!!!

  • Lilach Bentz
    Lilach Bentz   5 days ago

    If I use salted butter, can I use less salt?

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation   5 days ago

    "A nice pinch of salt"(Proceeds to dump in half a handful) "Half a teaspoon" (dumps in 2+ tablespoons)LMAO

  • stfu. •
    stfu. •   5 days ago

    Looks like Mobi, a Philippine corn snack covered in chocolate. 😂 Di baaa? Parang Mobi 😂

  • Monika Fan
    Monika Fan   1 weeks ago

    Thanks Gordon! I’m definitely going to use this recipe one day for my friends or when I’m bored and want to watch a movie, YouTube, or one of your videos.

  • c
    c   1 weeks ago

    i’ll stick with my amazing £1 aldi caramel chocolate popcorn thanks 🙏

  • 1clumsyfool
    1clumsyfool   1 weeks ago

    China is buildingthe three gorges damYou can eat fresh from the panBut ive got another plan

  • Abramović Sta
    Abramović Sta   1 weeks ago

    Gordon is kind of people who complain that popcorn is undercooked

  • Frank The Tank!!!
    Frank The Tank!!!   1 weeks ago

    "You can eat it fresh from the pan , But I've got another plan....... " - Gordon Ramsay

  • pat leyland
    pat leyland   1 weeks ago

    theres a bot here took out every other thing i typed lmao

  • pat leyland
    pat leyland   1 weeks ago

    qaurter cup oil an popcorn cook put in bowl, in same pot cup sugar 1/2 water when it starts to brown ad spoon butter much as you like tbs good though stir when melted ad scant tsp baking soda stir off heat put popcorn back in that why you using same pot spread on baking sheet and sprinkle sea salt over it,adjust as you think but that is a start and is great,his carmel was burnt an way to much but maybe thats how they eat it i dunno? if you want store bought taste you be close.

  • TheMegatron916
    TheMegatron916   1 weeks ago

    That honestly looks like a pile of feces on a plate

  • pat leyland
    pat leyland   1 weeks ago

    this is same as guy telling you how to play poker only thing you can believe is its with a deck of cards and more than one person plays the game lmao, if you google it an try multiple times will find using as much oil as corn works using same measure not tiny bit oil, for the salted carmel make carmel and salt at the very end adding salt into the carmel is not at all the same thing as sprinkling salt over the cooling popcorn he may be good cook but wouldn't trust him to teach my kid to make an omlette or scrambled eggs an thats aside from fact i wouldn't eat his cause they runny crap i just dont eat same food they eat there in england to us thats just gross to them its normal guess thats culture hey :)

  • hussein salame
    hussein salame   1 weeks ago

    I tried it for a weard reason it tasted reaaaly sour

  • Colette Kelly
    Colette Kelly   1 weeks ago

    When you make popcorn for sure make it sweet

  • Eighmee
    Eighmee   1 weeks ago

    Wow so easy i love caramel popcorn and the popcorn from the grocery is not so yummy now i have an idea 😊

  • Mark Nam
    Mark Nam   1 weeks ago

    1:04 I feel getting diabete

  • Eric Jang
    Eric Jang   1 weeks ago

    i would love to make that, but cleaning that pot is not going to be fun.

  • 341110097
    341110097   1 weeks ago

    I got a Gordon Ramsay ad before this video

  • Mitch Knight
    Mitch Knight   1 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who want to know the measurements because for a lot of the steps he didn’t give any measurements

  • Sani Moto
    Sani Moto   1 weeks ago

    E yarram tatlı bi şey yicez bi avuç tuz attın

  • Phaire Couchpotato
    Phaire Couchpotato   1 weeks ago

    Roses are redViolets are blue I can walk criss crossedbut WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!?

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