Clean Bandit - Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi [Official Video]

  • Published on: 02 November 2018
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    Taken from our new album "What Is Love?" - out 30.11.18.
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  • Runtime : 4:8
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  • michi Galan
    michi Galan   25 minuts ago

    Soy la única que piensa que Luís fonsi sobraba? como si lo hubiera hecho para ser más reconocida,no me encajan las voces como si marina cantará demasiado bien como si forzaran 2 estilos diferentes,leo todos los comentarios que es fantástica un temazo, tengo que tener el gusto atrofiado 😂

  • Mandira Debnath
    Mandira Debnath   34 minuts ago

    Am obsessed with this song!!!!.... goddamn!!!😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Esmeralda Hernandez
    Esmeralda Hernandez   46 minuts ago

    jajaja pensé que la canción era mexicana y luego veo a luis fonsi jaja

  • karjars
    karjars   53 minuts ago

    Como he extrañado a Marina 😍 ahora necesito una versión de esta canción pero sin Luis Fonsi.

  • Navia Dini
    Navia Dini   1 hours ago

    Sé que te gusto a ti todavíaTres, dos, unoStanding here in an empty roomI saw you there and my blood ran coldTake me back to that long SeptemberDon't know how I ever let you goI was young, didn't know 'bout loveYou were wild, couldn't get enoughGave my heart to another loverDon't know how I ever let you goFind me, in another place and timeIf only, if only you were mineBut I'm already someone else's babyGuess I had my last chanceAnd now this is our last danceYou fell through the cracks in my handsHard to say it's overBut I'm already someone else's (C'mon)Baby, ahhBaby, ahhBaby, ahhBut I'm already someone else'sAll caught up in the way we wereI feel your hands getting close to mineDon't say the words that I love to hearThe beat goes on and I close my eyesI was young, didn't know 'bout loveYou were wild, couldn't get enoughLet's leave things the way they wereYou'll stay with me like a lullabyHey, sé que te gusto a ti todavía por mucho que digasAdemás puedo ver en tus ojosQue no sólo quieres quedar como amigosTienes mi corazón, eres mi obsesiónSoy tuyo pa' siempreGuess I had my last chanceAnd now this is our last danceYou fell through the cracks in my handsTell myself be strongerMy heart's like a rubber bandAnd it's such a shameYou'll always be the one who got awayWe both know that deep down you feel the sameHard to say it's overBut I'm already someone else's (C'mon)Baby, ahh (Eso no, eso no)Baby, ahh (Mereces mejor)Baby, ahh (Y a tu calor)I'm already someone else'sWish I met you at another place and timeIf only, if only you were mineThis love story ends for you and I'Cause I'm already someone else'sBaby, ahh (Contigo otra vez)Baby, ahh (Mereces mucho mejor, mucho mejor)Baby, ahh (Veo que lo que tienes con él no es amor)But I'm already someone else'sBaby, ahh (Cada noche más te extraño, cada día sin ti me hace daño)Baby, ahh (Sabes que mereces mejor, lo que sientes por ella no es amor)Baby, ahh (Por mucho que digas somos más que amigos)I'm already someone else's (Y el tiempo se acaba en cuatro, tres, dos, uno)

  • Emily Fan
    Emily Fan   1 hours ago

    The only Marina song I knew before hand was Bubblegum B*tch <3

  • Dhani Fadli
    Dhani Fadli   1 hours ago

    I hear its song when i remember my mother miss my father because he go home

  • Sam_T
    Sam_T   2 hours ago

    Can everybody start talking about the fact that this is marina from marina and the diamonds??!! COMEBACK

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez   2 hours ago

    A Latinx icon ft Clean Bandit and Luis Fonsi

  • sopraltenass13
    sopraltenass13   2 hours ago

    3:32 When the blonde lead girl realizes that she turned the wrong direction. Both, literally and metaphorically.

  • enchilada
    enchilada   3 hours ago

    you'll find me another place and time

  • sopraltenass13
    sopraltenass13   3 hours ago

    Love. Luis Fonsi is good here. However, I feel that a female Latina voice would have fit better than Luis in this song. Digas rhymes better with amigas, hence.

  • Nelly Casco
    Nelly Casco   4 hours ago

    I really didn’t need them attacking my life right now.. like shit. My life is exactly portrayed in this video. Now I finally realized I lost the girl. Thanks..

  • M M
    M M   4 hours ago

    Seeing queer representation in this video made me cry. Thank you for this! And the song is amazing. The vocals are fantastic.

  • Arelgi
    Arelgi   4 hours ago

    What an EPIC fusion, I love it! 😍Great job, ¿Donde están los Latinos!?❤

  • H S
    H S   4 hours ago

    The more you listen to it the better it gets

  • holy ariana
    holy ariana   5 hours ago

    but i'm already someome else's baby AAAAAAAHHH

  • Iftekher Fahim
    Iftekher Fahim   5 hours ago

    I can't stop hearing this song .... So damn good

  • stretch avakin
    stretch avakin   5 hours ago


  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez   5 hours ago

    Bella Canción! Merece muchos millones de Views!


    Lástima Fonsi, tanto arreglo de voz y esa mala letra: ¨mereces mucho mejor¨, terrible. Opaca a Marina.. igual, no está tan mal.

  • ari ashlar
    ari ashlar   6 hours ago

    good to know we can cancel the missing marina ads on the back of our milk cartons 😂

  • shivam pundir
    shivam pundir   6 hours ago

    Perfect_stranger98 add me on instagram all clean_bandit fans 🕺🏻💃🏻

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