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Jim's BBQ Invitations - The Office US

  • Published on: 23 August 2018
  • #JackRyan #JohnKrasinski #AQuietPlace #SteveCarell #TheOfficeUS

    'I wonder where my e-vitation is'

    Season 2, Episode 9 'When Michael begins monitoring their e-mails, he manages to upset all of the employees.'

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  • Runtime : 5:1
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  • R
    R   21 hours ago

    I’m afraid to be a Michael in the future

  • carnationX2
    carnationX2   1 days ago

    Lmaoo what's going on with Dwight's face 4:06

  • Frank White
    Frank White   1 days ago

    If you identify with michael scott you need to work on yourself.

  • Fxoes
    Fxoes   2 days ago

    3:40 Jim gave him a script to follow 😂

  • Scaitan
    Scaitan   2 days ago

    I'm curious how Dwight reacted when he realized Micheal is not actually invited. Did he went and get him? Because that seems the Dwight thing to do.

  • Joshua Morriston
    Joshua Morriston   3 days ago

    Most... brutally... excruciatingly... awkwardly... hilarious?! 😂😲😂😲

  • Wingsty
    Wingsty   5 days ago

    Bear.. Beets.. Battlestar Galactica

  • Crest Complete
    Crest Complete   5 days ago

    Does anyone else get this thing where it switches between the ad and the video thumbnail

  • luis contreras
    luis contreras   6 days ago

    This is so fucked up man the man just won’t to have a few friends I know how it feels

  • Tiana R.
    Tiana R.   1 weeks ago

    I wouldn’t have invited him either... 😏

  • Sam Raymond
    Sam Raymond   1 weeks ago

    (4:05) OMG what is that face Dwight is making!?!?!?!?

  • Siping Ke
    Siping Ke   1 weeks ago

    What’s the next outcome? So his not getting invited?

  • sonradiant
    sonradiant   1 weeks ago

    When jim invites dwight to his party and not Michael that says something

  • DIARRHEA!!!!!!!!!!!
    DIARRHEA!!!!!!!!!!!   1 weeks ago

    Parties are stupid. Most people who go to parties don't even want to go, especially on Fridays when they've been working all week and they're tired but they go anyway because if you don't go to parties then you get labeled as a snob. I always turn down invitations with some lame excuse. I'd rather get labeled as a snob than stand around in a room filled with people, trying to think of stuff to say for 2 hours or playing stupid games and listening to people blowing cringy fake laughs out of their pie holes while sucky too-loud music is blasting. Get-togethers should be spontaneous anyway.

  • S Tho
    S Tho   1 weeks ago

    Michael was actually a great salesman. He connected with his customers and others personally. He cared about people. He was nuttier than a pecan tree, but he cared. He is the example of the talent in business and the military, who is promoted to his level of incompetence. IOW the big bosses wanted to reward him, but they also wanted his magic with sales to somehow rub off on his staff. Big bosses that had no idea HOW he made sales since they saw their customers only as troublesome dollar signs. Michael was a mystery to them like happiness was to Scrouge.If you find yourself promoted to manager, read a book on customs of service as a commissioned officer. Learn to distance yourself from the guys, but not be elitist, and never put yourself in a place where you will stifle their creative thought or in a place where you will take from them (like a poker game or office pool). Make friends outside work and you will live long and prosper.

  • Froggit _
    Froggit _   1 weeks ago

    I couldn't watch the whole thing due to it being to real to me ;-;

  • A Bravo
    A Bravo   1 weeks ago

    This is that one episode that hurt me to watch :(

  • Vijji Ravi
    Vijji Ravi   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice that Pam isn’t invited?

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808   2 weeks ago

    I think Stanley just coughed.......😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mikser Wolf
    Mikser Wolf   2 weeks ago

    ”My brother is in town and we are going to see the Alaska film festival at the si-“

  • Daksha Shah
    Daksha Shah   2 weeks ago

    Feature "Christening" Episode where Micheal Wants to go to Mexico .