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French Montana - Project Unforgettable: "My Project, Their Reality"

  • Published on: 27 October 2017
  • Directed by: French Montana
    Produced by: French Montana and SAL&CO
    Director of Photography: Denise "Dee Shooter" Acevedo
    Edited by: Russell Majik of Majik Films

    Jungle Rules is available at: iTunes
    Apple Music

    French Montana online:
  • Runtime : 26:28
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  • FrenchMontanaVEVO
    FrenchMontanaVEVO   11 months ago

    Watch this Best of French Montana this French Montana - Jungle Rules this French Montana - MC4

    FUNKYMAN   1 weeks ago

    big respect for French <3

  • O J
    O J   3 weeks ago

    god bless u bro,

  • Elizabeth Mtali
    Elizabeth Mtali   1 months ago

    This video has literally changed my life! thank you French Montana Bless up!

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat   1 months ago

    Watching this video... video will wake you up .... you don't need money to b happy.

  • Roy Russo
    Roy Russo   1 months ago

    This made me respect french in a diffrent way this made me a fan

  • Yassine Bestani
    Yassine Bestani   1 months ago

    The best music i listen to it every single day by the way I'm also from Morocco

  • Tg tg
    Tg tg   2 months ago

    African ting yeaaaaah Mama Africa

  • Da truth Mama
    Da truth Mama   2 months ago

    @FrenchMontanaVEVO: Wow, your humanity and love for your fellow human beings are the most awesome things about you. It must be something in your culture that produces such "unforgettable" men as you because my friend from the past, Adel was Moroccan and equally as loving and kind towards me, someone of a different gender, ethnicity and race with no strings attached.

  • Fess 007
    Fess 007   3 months ago

    Smashed it! Taking it back to Africa 👍🏽

  • Mariofan66
    Mariofan66   3 months ago

    man now i no why unforgettable is made

  • Moukhass Hicham
    Moukhass Hicham   4 months ago

    French im casawi who live in new jersey Mannn you are realy amazing God bless you

  • Chithra Unni
    Chithra Unni   4 months ago

    You are so amazing. I wish I could meet you 😘

  • drlm44
    drlm44   4 months ago

    Gob bless you french are truly a force to reckon with and a earth angel.

  • caz group
    caz group   4 months ago

    Thanks #FrenchMontana Chokran

  • Taoufik Aflatoon Maya
    Taoufik Aflatoon Maya   4 months ago

    ( FM ( i want see you brother ... urgent كريم =) ضروري نشوووووووووفك

  • Taoufik Aflatoon Maya
    Taoufik Aflatoon Maya   4 months ago

    I LIKE SEE YOO SOON KARIM & ZAKARIA درب عبد الله بليييييييز call me

  • Sofiya Mahir
    Sofiya Mahir   5 months ago

    Respect French 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Ralia Idila
    Ralia Idila   5 months ago

    كل التقدير والاحترام لكل شخص يعمل بجد ويعطي معنى للحياة الحقيقية بعيدا عن المظاهر الزائفة والمغاربة بصفة عامة معروف عنهم حبهم للخير ....تحياتي لكل روح طيبة تحب الخير وتعطي بوفرة

  • Rukia Mohamed
    Rukia Mohamed   5 months ago

    You're stunningly adorable OMG my head hurts from crying.

  • Liz Peña
    Liz Peña   5 months ago

    Me encanta ese vídeo lo amo lo veo y la música me transporta a ese lugar.

  • 박세진
    박세진   5 months ago

    It's definitely first time to comment something on u- tube. All the things montana did in this video were touching and I got goose bumps at all. I love you man! And love you guys from Uganda where I used to live in. God bless you! FYI I'm from south Korea

  • Annassi M
    Annassi M   5 months ago

    👍 respect !! You still havé a Moroccan heart full of love. I like that children play an important role in this clip. Unforgettable! A Moroccan from Germany

  • Jerrica Arrington
    Jerrica Arrington   6 months ago

    French I visited this part of Uganda in April 2014. I played with kids in the mud, drove the boda bodas through town and the mutatus. It changed my life forever. Ive always wondered how I can give..... because of this beautiful experience that you embraced...... "unforgettable" as it was for me. I will give to this organization. My love for your work, your heart, and your commitment to the people of Uganda will forever be in my heart. We love you. Thank you for using your heart to visit these children.

  • Liz Prosper
    Liz Prosper   6 months ago

    God bls u abundantly. French montana

  • Bruno Barz
    Bruno Barz   6 months ago

    Wow u hear the reality just by the way tge kids talked about growing up of them said one day "if" i grow up i wanna be a president or something else big. Def different kind of outlook then we have here

  • Prankster Ambition
    Prankster Ambition   6 months ago

    all Respect and appreciation for you For your great heart and the good you have done to these people Truly you are a great person through your spirit and your legendary humility You are really a great artist, Franche montana I really love you

  • Mercy Dawg
    Mercy Dawg   6 months ago

    بحال هاد الناس تيخليوك تفتخر انك مغربي.العز لولاد البلاد

  • marlonne odia
    marlonne odia   6 months ago

    Loved this french, big up you left a legacy in uganda thats what legends do.

  • Rodrigue Tchuitcheu
    Rodrigue Tchuitcheu   7 months ago

    Really Unforgettable !! and so humble... It's amazing what you've done French and may God bless you and the kids you've helped for that !!

  • Margaret T
    Margaret T   7 months ago

    Wow! Such an amazing soul! ❤️