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Drawing Weird Australian Phrases (Feat. Draw with Jazza) (mate)

  • Published on: 14 September 2017
  • G'day mates, I'm 'ere drawing some Aussie phrases with my mate Jazza, mate.
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    Thanks to @midsummersdrea for making me the "senpia's can have senpia's too' shirt!

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  • Runtime : 13:6
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  • _TheGaming5thNeko _
    _TheGaming5thNeko _   15 hours ago

    “ Art is supposed to make you feel something, but the only thing it made me feel is angry.” I died.

  • Micah Curry
    Micah Curry   17 hours ago

    We have 2 flush toilets in the us.. Just not art many...

  • Bavarian Mapper
    Bavarian Mapper   17 hours ago

    You should do Canadian slang.-Tuxedo-Toboggan-Pencil Crayons-Tap-Serviette-Parkade-Loonies and Toonies-Thongs-Chesterfield-Mickey-Runners-Eavestroughs-Knapsack (we use the american term more but some dads like to say that)-Toque-ElasticsAnd my personal favouriteKerfuffle

  • Tigerwolf aj
    Tigerwolf aj   18 hours ago

    Uh i know im la late but the clip clappy ones are called clogs 😀

  • SeeYaStoneTime With GMC

    Is it just me or do these two look oddly like brothers, if not close family membersif not, now you can't unsee it lol

  • maria white
    maria white   22 hours ago

    JAMES stop drawing monsters for the first 2! LOL

  • Maddie Briggs
    Maddie Briggs   1 days ago

    After watching this, I went and got myself some butter and vegemite on vitaweat.

  • ChemicalFilms
    ChemicalFilms   1 days ago

    I mean, I'm australian and didn't know some of these words....

  • Abanoub Asaad
    Abanoub Asaad   1 days ago

    Lol timtom the animator?nah timtom the chocolate bar 😉🤣😅👦❤️🍫

  • cantseematoesimblind

    So the first one in American slang, a Hick with a bud in a kooze sitting on the jon.

  • Will Makela
    Will Makela   2 days ago

    Just call it the bathroom without a bath

  • Ruby :D
    Ruby :D   3 days ago

    OMG JAZZA 😍😍😍

  • Lily Bristow
    Lily Bristow   3 days ago

    I’m Australian in bacchus marsh it’s nice weather

  • Ryan Moisy
    Ryan Moisy   3 days ago

    To Australians, is vegemite like uk's marmite (if you know what that is)

  • Zolar Side
    Zolar Side   4 days ago

    I wish I could’ve seen you eeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Thegolden Pineapple
    Thegolden Pineapple   4 days ago

    You guys are making me salty. This is not how Australians talk. If you said to someone 'where's the dunny' they would think you're a tiny bit odd

  • borrito man
    borrito man   5 days ago


  • Hernán Falcón
    Hernán Falcón   5 days ago

    Looks like Australian slang for American people is like Chilean slang for Spain... and... the rest of the world...'s... people .-.

  • Zion ZC
    Zion ZC   5 days ago

    Twistees I LOVE THOSE

  • nich saunders
    nich saunders   5 days ago

    Ah. The beautiful f*cking stereotypes of Australia.😂

  • Blox challenges
    Blox challenges   5 days ago

    I’m Australian and I can’t only understand half of this lol