Basics With Babish Live | Doughnuts

  • Published on: 09 November 2018
  • Tonight we're whipping up some cake-for-breakfast: is it spelled doughnuts or donuts? YOU get to decide!
  • Runtime : 2:49:24


  • barjona100
    barjona100   3 days ago

    I would've joined in and made sour cream donuts, but I forgot to round out my ingredient list and was part way into some alcohol when I remembered the stream.And the A5 don, to me stands out because out not because of the dish, but more how instrumental that episode is in establishing the tone for Soma's food wars (shokugeki). It's his first one at school and sets the ground for his relationship/friendship with Ikumi Mito, with her joining the Don RS and reviving the club over the course of the show as a result.

  • Tammy Brown
    Tammy Brown   4 days ago

    How about some food from the movie "My big Fat Greek Wedding."

  • GamersComputer
    GamersComputer   5 days ago

    I noticed that the dough was really sticky when I followed the ingredients as well, I had to compensate with A LOT of flour. Either there was too much milk in the ingredient list or too little flour. The amount of milk did look like a lot more than what you had in the first video, so that might be the error.

  • Clayton Alexander
    Clayton Alexander   6 days ago

    Stacking your logos at the beginning is such a cringe, sorry this is coming from a graphic designer. Hey making these with you :)

  • CitizenOfTroy
    CitizenOfTroy   1 weeks ago

    Please do Bell Peppers & Beef from Cowboy Bebop!!

  • J ' ack V
    J ' ack V   1 weeks ago

    2:28:12 “You can put the tip in the other side” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • HYDROanimations
    HYDROanimations   1 weeks ago

    If you made a restaurant I would fly from England to New York just for it

  • En Fuego
    En Fuego   1 weeks ago

    Still waiting on that part 2 of bubba's shrimp 😤

  • Ace Rune
    Ace Rune   1 weeks ago

    I would love to see him make Black Briar Mead from Skyrim. Is anything with me on that?

  • Adrian Dawn
    Adrian Dawn   1 weeks ago

    We're going to need a video dedicated to our lord and savior Stan Lee

  • Eldoski
    Eldoski   1 weeks ago

    I was thinking that the fish from “Everybody Loves Raymond” would be a good thanksgiving dish you can try

  • mckina
    mckina   1 weeks ago

    You should make the cake in lilo and stitch!!!

  • Ibby A
    Ibby A   1 weeks ago

    so when can we expect the oliver twist episode? i wanna finally know what the heck Gruel is.

  • alex beard
    alex beard   1 weeks ago

    Try making the Mac and cheese pizza from parks and recreation season 5 episode 20

  • Scenario
    Scenario   1 weeks ago


  • Renli Novero
    Renli Novero   1 weeks ago

    Can you cook the foie gras in cook up a storm

  • Angel aka alex
    Angel aka alex   1 weeks ago

    You should make something from “The Life Of Boris”

  • Shean Don
    Shean Don   1 weeks ago

    That song at the beginning is fire....whats the name of it

  • george medeiros
    george medeiros   1 weeks ago

    Why not show your fuck wee wee ass hole not cool looking at your dam waisteh and and that stupid tat, choke on that fen drink u loser ass hole you talk to much crap, and fuck yer channel, doughnuts ass hole

  • Jems g
    Jems g   1 weeks ago

    i want a compilation of everytime babish says "clean plate club"

  • Kryall
    Kryall   1 weeks ago

    I go nuts for donuts

  • Jee Bae
    Jee Bae   1 weeks ago

    Babish, bless us with a vegetarian burger(patty) making session, some different recipes with complementary toppings !!

  • ReDHeaDSg1
    ReDHeaDSg1   1 weeks ago

    I dare you to cook something simple and tasteful in 30-45 min (with prep, chopping and cooking).

  • mike dasilva
    mike dasilva   1 weeks ago

    Hey do you think you can make sun drop pound cake

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan   1 weeks ago

    Oddball request: Vincent Price’s fish in the dishwasher recipe?

  • Rashif Arsyubarru
    Rashif Arsyubarru   1 weeks ago

    make a video of how to make sumbitch cookies from how i met your mother, please :D

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