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10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ

  • Published on: 28 June 2018
  • From his notebook full of ideas to a Rolex Sky-Dweller, here are 10 items Kyrie Irving can't live without. Kyrie stars in "Uncle Drew," out in theaters June 29th.

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    10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ
  • Runtime : 5:54
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  • Najm Muhammad
    Najm Muhammad   9 hours ago

    I love Kyrie why does he want to leave Boston?

  • Allisons Lyfe
    Allisons Lyfe   11 hours ago

    I strive for the day when I consider a Rolex to be a non luxury item

  • jaden jones
    jaden jones   1 days ago

    Black people know that cocoa butter is essential

  • Ky K
    Ky K   1 days ago

    I know someone named Kyrie

    JAMES DAVIS   2 days ago

    I just want to know what kind of polo or button up that is ?

  • ミsean
    ミsean   2 days ago

    kyries bag is the ghurka holdall travel kit

  • Cross Boyd
    Cross Boyd   3 days ago

    Yooo Kyrie is my all time favorite!!!!

  • Anish S
    Anish S   4 days ago

    So Kylie has swallowed gum before many times possibly

  • Ares
    Ares   4 days ago

    "None of these are extravagant" has three bracelets on worth 5K+ each

  • NewsAlert 101
    NewsAlert 101   4 days ago

    Why does he sound like the whitest blackest basketball player

  • MnivielErosTV
    MnivielErosTV   4 days ago

    look at kyrie's noteboom there is a illuminati and a circle on the head.... why?

    UNKNOWN HOSTILE   4 days ago

    Kyrie the type of guy to think the earth is flat... Oh wait

  • Bing Chua
    Bing Chua   5 days ago

    I have a feeling that the notebook contains a page on why the earth is flat

  • MoonGoat
    MoonGoat   5 days ago

    What's that shirt he's wearing? Looks sick

  • OFF
    OFF   5 days ago

    why does he sound like the average white guy

    TRILL   5 days ago

    What game should I get Lost Paradise or the new Tomb Raider?

  • Jacob Lefler
    Jacob Lefler   5 days ago

    Someone on the jimmy butler video said they started counting at 3 weeks liar

  • i am sam
    i am sam   6 days ago

    10 things kyrie irving can't live without:the ice wall

  • Dylan Dam
    Dylan Dam   6 days ago

    Can't live without the flat earth!

  • Wesley Lay
    Wesley Lay   6 days ago

    Kyrie did you buy your dad a new watch that might look like his old one or not