Ariana Grande THUG Moments

  • Published on: 29 October 2018
  • ARiana Grande THUG MOMENTS . Nothing but love for Ariana, this is just a funny compilation
  • Runtime : 9:51
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  • Spicy sarcasm
    Spicy sarcasm   2 hours ago

    its gotta be pretty thokissfangirlsMe: tf just happenedMe: did...did she just Me: oh my god. fangirls BE THE THUG ARIANA

  • Claudia Hsi
    Claudia Hsi   4 hours ago

    To say, "I hate Americans. That's disgusting." and lick a donut that she didn't buy— That one scene made me not like her.You can talk about how she doesn't deal with bullshit and how amazing she is as a person, but she acts just as immature as those she mocks.

  • Tal Vashoth
    Tal Vashoth   5 hours ago

    Sassy, but she's not anywhere near thug. Lol.

  • Buzzkill 78
    Buzzkill 78   8 hours ago

    I’ve seen actually a lot of these videos, but they were out of context and made me believe that she was just being a bitch. Funny how the media edits it to make us think that. Funny.

  • Paco Diablo
    Paco Diablo   8 hours ago

    You will never really love me ok GOODBYE forever

  • Paco Diablo
    Paco Diablo   8 hours ago

    Can you even remember who I am even at all

  • Danny Neyman
    Danny Neyman   8 hours ago

    That’s Ari defending my queen Leona 😭🙌❤️

  • Kathrine Be
    Kathrine Be   8 hours ago

    You blacks talking everybody on your levelI mean you trying

  • Can I get 2,000 subs for no reason?

    Ari: Well if any of the things they were seeing were true I would mind it pauses and laughs but since they are not... Me: YES ARI GO OFF

  • SaphiraTessa
    SaphiraTessa   10 hours ago

    I don't understand what is going on at 5:45

  • Christie Lynn
    Christie Lynn   10 hours ago

    Thug? Or Snob? I love her like everyone else does but half of these moments were not something to be proud of. Yes, she is witty and there were multiple clips in this video that I was like “YASSS QUEEN!” But there were many where she had no respect or manners and completely seemed self obsessed. We all have our moments don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying I’m not proud of any moments where I acted like I was better than everyone else. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jade Bombase
    Jade Bombase   12 hours ago

    “I hate america, I hate Americans” lmao me too sis

  • Elizabeth Shu
    Elizabeth Shu   14 hours ago

    Awesome she called out reporters on their dumb questions but the donuts thing always gets me. So nasty and rude. Maybe she grew up and got some manners

  • Lisa Rose
    Lisa Rose   14 hours ago

    ‘If her choices aren’t for you then move on’ - real talk there, more people need to take this onboard. Not just with celebrities but everyday life

  • danzig159
    danzig159   14 hours ago

    I'd love to get a taste of her.

  • Kate TheGreat
    Kate TheGreat   15 hours ago

    Y'all don't know what "Thug" is. And this was mostly made by a white person lmao

  • CringeFest
    CringeFest   17 hours ago

    Ewww Madonna looks like cottage cheese

  • wrnjpn
    wrnjpn   23 hours ago

    She’s full of herself. But honestly, who isn’t

  • Bob Cooper
    Bob Cooper   1 days ago

    Far from thug, more like smug. Years from now it will be "" Ariana who ? "

  • Water Dragon
    Water Dragon   1 days ago

    2:43 when someone says Ariana Grande is a bad singer.

    KIARA’S NATION   1 days ago

    That one when she said “wtf I hate Americans ” a long time ago that’s when I stopped supporting her...times went by and now we are on some good terms😽

  • Annabel
    Annabel   1 days ago

    Ariana: *has thug moment*Victoria Justice: I ThINk We AlL HaVE ThUG MomENts

  • Mela D
    Mela D   1 days ago

    Okie so I’m not trying to throw some shade but a few of these she kinda seemed like a bitch... but others... damnnn what a savage

  • Myvintageiron7512
    Myvintageiron7512   1 days ago

    She says I hate America why does anyone like this little snot America is the only reason she is rich and Famous if you hate it Ariana then get out we really don't need you here you have done nothing to better this country men and women have died for the freedom we have and you say you hate it your pathetic please move somewhere else we don't want or need you

  • Fay Coleman
    Fay Coleman   1 days ago

    I think I could be friends with her lol

  • Cecelo
    Cecelo   1 days ago

    Can’t stand the way she talks. She starts to sound more “hood” in her later videos.

  • Hind Widad
    Hind Widad   1 days ago

    Why is she always so relax Ari lol

  • Vanessa Santiago
    Vanessa Santiago   1 days ago

    Ok are we going to ignore that Madonna diffinitly got some work done on that booty 1:12 , I was like what the fk 👀

  • Keaton Bailey
    Keaton Bailey   1 days ago

    Mac miller is gone don’t recommend me anything about Ariana YouTube

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