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  • Published on: 02 July 2017
  • HEY EVERYONE! Today we're going to dive into my FAVORITE products from the month of June and... a few that FLOPPED for me!
    I also address some hot topics and drama that have been going on this week! Never a dull moment in the beauty community...

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    Want to know the holy grails and fails for this mont?? Watch the damn video baby!

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  • Runtime : 15:51
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  • Amy Morse
    Amy Morse   4 hours ago

    "Ya'll are shady fucking cunts..." LMAO!!!

  • Brittany McMillan
    Brittany McMillan   2 days ago

    I respect JS so much for this exact video. He is so fucking real. He is so fucking empowering. He is the definition of a success story and what being a REAL ASS BIIIITTTCCCHHHH will do for someones reputation. SLAY BITCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHH i love you

  • Henry Dictado
    Henry Dictado   2 days ago

    Imho you look even more gorgeous in blonde. 💕

  • XPandqz
    XPandqz   3 days ago

    1503... I think I was 4 LOL

  • aneth
    aneth   4 days ago

    a big Jaclyn hill dupe is the beauty glazed impresses you palette off of amazon 🤪

  • eric berry
    eric berry   4 days ago

    the blond hair looks great and more mature and adult

  • Bourne Flores
    Bourne Flores   6 days ago

    jeffree i need to know the name of your lipstick here!!! pleeeaaaaseeeee!!!

  • Rachael Tim Snowden
    Rachael Tim Snowden   1 weeks ago

    Did you do a review of the Emily Edit palettes? I thought I saw a thumbnail of you holding them and now can't find it. Btw, your honesty is the best!!

  • Panda Oofer
    Panda Oofer   1 weeks ago

    Is it still bad as everyone says?? People say it’s horrible like a month ago. I got a gift card from Ulta Beauty and I’m excited for a good eyeshadow but idkk please help!

  • Aurora Grembowski
    Aurora Grembowski   1 weeks ago

    Guys when he sprayed it in the air I was like HE JUST WAISTED LIKE 10 DOLLARS😂😂😂😂💕 love u jeffery😂😂

  • RedRemix 1379
    RedRemix 1379   2 weeks ago

    My sister bought a Jaclyn Hill palette... Someone advertised a fake palette using pictures of the real one!!

  • sharon clark
    sharon clark   3 weeks ago

    How amazing it must be to make your own and get what you really like

  • sharon clark
    sharon clark   3 weeks ago

    I want a blinding highlight love blinding too lol

  • sharon clark
    sharon clark   3 weeks ago

    Love the video the sunglasses are bomb ☀️☀️

  • Georgia Mae
    Georgia Mae   3 weeks ago

    Now its been over a year and you still have blonde hair!!

  • Idalmi Acosta
    Idalmi Acosta   3 weeks ago

    there's been a few Kylie C products that have intrigued me but I just cant support her

  • Amanda Holt
    Amanda Holt   4 weeks ago

    And now Jaclyn has been exposed. She's a fuckin snake.

  • laura lopes
    laura lopes   1 months ago


  • Rangdhonu 8
    Rangdhonu 8   1 months ago

    I am loving with your all videos .love to see more jeffree approved videos

  • Casey Strickland
    Casey Strickland   1 months ago

    I need to see Jeffree Star review the Jacklyn Hill Vault Palette

    MISS LACY91   1 months ago

    Leonardo da Vinci purse it is a man the Mona Lisa is actually a self portrait of himself but just made into a woman

  • Nimiy K
    Nimiy K   1 months ago

    I don't know how I f*cking keep up with Jeffree!

  • haley breanne
    haley breanne   1 months ago

    Can Brad Mondo dye your hair that peachy coral?

  • Dalia Vazquez
    Dalia Vazquez   1 months ago

    I love all your videos jeffree! Speak the truth girl.

  • 12 Monkeys
    12 Monkeys   1 months ago

    Love you in the blond hair colour you look so hot in it

  • Meg Schupbach
    Meg Schupbach   1 months ago

    Hate the “C” word but god I love how you say it😂

  • sarah marshall
    sarah marshall   1 months ago

    I think the thing I love about Jeffrey is that he is too rich to be on someone's payroll which is why I love his reviews.

  • Elise Adayme
    Elise Adayme   1 months ago

    There is a conspiracy that suggests that the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait by Da Vincy who was allegedly gay himself.

  • mls1061
    mls1061   1 months ago

    Sister Love, OMG!!!! As an Art History major now disabled.... I’ll never be able to own a LV Art History bag, wallet, or even a keychain😂😂!!!! But at least I was able to see yours… That is the SICKEST bag EVER!!! A fucking wet dream of a bag. Fun fact for ya, at that time it was in style to have very high forehead and minimal eyebrows. That makes you TRUE RENAISSANCE SICK BITCH #1 Love ya! Jodi

  • Carley Drake
    Carley Drake   1 months ago

    It’s soo nicee supporting and honest from you to talk and other youtuber in a nice wayy.RESPECT!!

  • Stacy Fisher
    Stacy Fisher   1 months ago

    i have a collection of makeup brushes, i wish that jeffree had a brush shape use tutorial