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  • Published on: 11 October 2018
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    Welcome! Today we are going to play some Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and be one of the first ones to reach Master Prestige!

    I will request you guys not to session join. Please do not session join me unless I invite you. Thanks!

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    ♛ Achievements ♛
    Master Prestige on Advanced Warfare - CoD AW
    Level 1000 on Black Ops 3 - CoD Bo3
    30th Prestige on Infinite Warfare - CoD IW
    #1 Ranked Overall on Hardcore Kill Confirmed Leaderboard for Advanced Warfare
    #1 Ranked Overall on Overall Hardcore Career Leaderboard for Black Ops 3
    #1 Ranked Overall on Score and Kill Leaderboard for Infinite Warfare
    One of the Highest Score Per Minutes in Hardcore Kill Confirmed in Infinite Warfare

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  • Runtime : 23:24:10
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  • Joekiller _77256
    Joekiller _77256   1 days ago

    If anyone can find the moment K gave me a shout out I'll buy them the game of whatever you want. Hint it's in the second half of the stream and I think it was an ice map

  • Guillaume Planche
    Guillaume Planche   2 days ago

    I enjoy watching your video cuz it shows how call of duty should be played when you are a skilled person. Solo, TDM or Free-for-all. You don't need to be in a g6 to kick some asses

  • Juan beltran
    Juan beltran   2 days ago

    Somebody cut this mans hands of he is too dangerous 😜lol

  • Joel M
    Joel M   2 days ago

    Good morning korean! You still up😂

  • R. Dj.
    R. Dj.   2 days ago

    i hope all of you have a nice day, and dont forget: CANCER ALLDAY ALLNIGHT

  • Filct
    Filct   2 days ago

    I'm barely going to buy it

  • Amna Bibi
    Amna Bibi   2 days ago

    Damn i want this game but gotta wait till November!

  • Josh 32
    Josh 32   2 days ago

    How do you check leaderboards?