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3 Million Sprinkles on a Cake Just About

  • Published on: 14 May 2017
  • (also happy birthday to me) (and happy mothers day, I guess you can have this day too, whatever)
    A Brief History -

    Life of Riley -
    The Trap -


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  • Runtime : 6:8
  • sprinkles pool 3 million cake subscriber milestone hiphop birthday


  • Mc Licious
    Mc Licious   37 minuts ago

    News report for tomorrow: "21 year old man died last night from drowning in sprinkles he's been identified as James Rallison also known as theOdd1sout on YouTube" 😂

  • Candy Corn
    Candy Corn   49 minuts ago

    As of now only 1,239,522 subscribers to go!

  • Pengu Luu
    Pengu Luu   1 hours ago

    3:20 you see that dark mark at the right it’s there for the rest of the vlog

  • Alinna For Ever
    Alinna For Ever   1 hours ago

    I Imagine His Mom Just Walking In And Then Backing up

  • Pdk Skeitter
    Pdk Skeitter   1 hours ago

    Hey, ten Mil. is not that far of James, STAY TRUE TOO YOO WURD!

  • April Games
    April Games   2 hours ago

    Since you have 8 mil subs now why don’t u do a 8 million sprinkles in your pool XD

  • Princess Cupcake
    Princess Cupcake   2 hours ago

    Happy b-day besides I’m at the very top of the mountain of sprinkles

  • Stian Haaland
    Stian Haaland   3 hours ago

    Yo you have the same broken arm thing what happened to me

  • Chestnutty
    Chestnutty   4 hours ago

    Yeah, ive been making videos for 2 years and im only at like 350 subs im sad

  • Chestnutty
    Chestnutty   4 hours ago

    I was james' 132,423rd subscriber

  • Marwa Younas
    Marwa Younas   4 hours ago

    Is the girl that help him with the video is his tiwn

  • Lucas AutoFocus
    Lucas AutoFocus   4 hours ago

    James: I should really think about what I post before I post it

  • Kai brown
    Kai brown   7 hours ago

    So close for 10 million subscriber