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  • Published on: 24 August 2018
  • HI SISTERS! It's officially back to school season and for today's video, I decided to give you some advice on how to survive the first day of school, and also how to get ready quick and easy in the morning with only a few drugstore products.I hope you enjoy this late to school makeup tutorial and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe! Good luck sisters!

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 15:58
  • james james charles makeup artist mua covergirl coverboy cute jeffree star manny mua easy makeup how-to reviews tutorials funny videos beauty tips hacks beauty back to school school makeup quick fast easy late to school late for school first day of school drugstore drugstore makeup


  • Alexis A
    Alexis A   40 minuts ago

    school is weird for me, because i love all subjects equally. but, math is the hardest. that being said, when an equation or formula “clicks” with me, i very much so enjoy doing it.

  • BubbleGumGamer -
    BubbleGumGamer -   45 minuts ago

    Science is my least favorite and science and math and everything else is fun except p.e as well bc my makeup falls off and p.e is first hour

  • guinevereisnothere
    guinevereisnothere   2 hours ago

    James putting on freckles it adds a youthful element...*was a kid two years ago*

  • Fortnite& Yesiamagirl

    His skin is so beautiful!!!!! I thought he had makeup on at the beginning of the video!

  • xiiLpsiix
    xiiLpsiix   6 hours ago

    13:56 oml why do I have that chapstick

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith   9 hours ago

    To do my makeup it takes me like an hour. 45 minutes is so much. I want to get it done in like 10 minutes not 45

  • Joshua Mulligan
    Joshua Mulligan   11 hours ago

    HAY james u are so good at wut u do keep it up u rock 🏳️‍🌈

    BLACK PINK   12 hours ago

    James getting angry because of school...ME EVERY MORNING

  • happy crafter
    happy crafter   12 hours ago

    i love school when i was homeschooled it really made me appreciate public school

  • Jackie V20
    Jackie V20   1 days ago

    Who doesn't love a genuine sister? 😍

  • Eva Larelle
    Eva Larelle   1 days ago

    I'm in elementary school and wake up at 5:35 AM

  • Tori Savoy
    Tori Savoy   1 days ago

    the fact that my school doesn't allow hoodies and God forbid you wear one, they jump on your ass

  • Camila Gomez
    Camila Gomez   1 days ago

    I love this channel so much. James has so many great ideas and he does makeup beautifully. This helped me so much! Thanks James!😃😁

  • bby bangtan
    bby bangtan   1 days ago

    U look like Yuri from Yuri on ice but more handsome

  • Claire Kim
    Claire Kim   1 days ago

    I like the math and world history but the frikin teachers are the most bitchy people ever but I am still lucky to even go to a school but like I have her for English and aparently she’s the talk of the school the teacher and its not good XB everyone doesn’t like her I pray for her . Dear Mrs. Delgado

  • Lura Knight
    Lura Knight   1 days ago

    I totally don't take my friends phone just to subscribe to you....I don't know what your talking abouttt...... lol😂😂😂

  • Zoe Coop
    Zoe Coop   1 days ago


  • Cori Ottak
    Cori Ottak   2 days ago

    I adore this look on you especially the freckles soooo cute

  • Asxxlyn
    Asxxlyn   3 days ago

    What's funny is that my favorite subject is math because I just like doing math.

  • Nana Vujcic
    Nana Vujcic   3 days ago

    Sister you make it sound so easy. Math is one of my favourite subject but recently I have been struggling but I just know I will get better if I just try harder and I learned that while watching this. Thanks sister♥️♥️

  • princess
    princess   3 days ago

    3 months into school and I still watch this video

  • Jaila Sloan
    Jaila Sloan   3 days ago

    YES THANK YOU SO MUCH. Math is my favorite subject, I'm going to be a fricken math teacher. I'm only in my freshmen year and I'm already basically tutoring half my classmates. Hearts and Kisses for all my math lovers ❤😘

  • Ct Rtlff
    Ct Rtlff   3 days ago

    Yeah I feel this, I’m watching this to chill out from my five aps and avoid my college essays rn

  • Allie C
    Allie C   4 days ago

    I love history and hate math lol

  • Prasaes Landrau
    Prasaes Landrau   5 days ago

    yo me literally love math and science and hate history

  • Jessie king
    Jessie king   5 days ago

    I would wear one of your jumpers to school but i have to wear uniform

  • Abkhd Dkclw
    Abkhd Dkclw   5 days ago

    Lol if I would ware this to school I would get sister slapped 😂

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law   5 days ago

    wow throwback to when ryan bby was editing james videos

  • Aditi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta   6 days ago

    everyone likes math before they take calc