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  • Published on: 24 August 2018
  • HI SISTERS! It's officially back to school season and for today's video, I decided to give you some advice on how to survive the first day of school, and also how to get ready quick and easy in the morning with only a few drugstore products.I hope you enjoy this late to school makeup tutorial and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe! Good luck sisters!

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Ryan Allen

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 15:58
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  • Prasaes Landrau
    Prasaes Landrau   14 hours ago

    yo me literally love math and science and hate history

  • Jessie king
    Jessie king   18 hours ago

    I would wear one of your jumpers to school but i have to wear uniform

  • Abkhd Dkclw
    Abkhd Dkclw   20 hours ago

    Lol if I would ware this to school I would get sister slapped 😂

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law   1 days ago

    wow throwback to when ryan bby was editing james videos

  • Aditi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta   1 days ago

    everyone likes math before they take calc

  • Gabriella Saenz
    Gabriella Saenz   1 days ago

    so sorry sister James but my favorite class is history

  • Amaya Blogs
    Amaya Blogs   2 days ago

    Thank the sisters (I just made that up) that I watched this video. In about two months I am moving to a girls only high school. Without any of my friends. Let. Me. Repeat. GIRLS. ONLY. HIGH SCHOOL. WITHOUT ANY FRIENDS. I thought it would be a living hell, but I watched this video, and hopefully, James’s advice will work. Because if it doesn’t... so help me.

  • flu ff
    flu ff   2 days ago

    Sis your hands and nails are winningggggggg !!!

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf   2 days ago

    #latetothedate but my favorite subject in school is art. If I had to go with a mainstream required class it would be Language Arts because I live to write and create books/fanfics. Love this look James keep it up.

  • AmyPlaysx
    AmyPlaysx   2 days ago

    easy? i cant even put on mascara or lip stick without either smudging or messing it up

  • Emmelie H
    Emmelie H   3 days ago

    I'm kinda late but James is not wrong about that math thing. You really need it in a lot of situations even though you don't realize it. I know because I have a massive weakness when it comes to anything involving numbers so that the most simple problems are impossible for me to solve in under half a minute (in my maths class I literally stare at a blank paper for 90 minutes straight). It really sucks when you just want to buy food and can't figure out how much you have to pay so you always have anxiety about weather or not your money's gonna be enough. So people, if you don't have a problem like me and just don't learn maths because you don't like it, CHANGE YOUR MIND

  • ciara mifit
    ciara mifit   3 days ago

    when he said sisters its the end of August I was like "he's smiling it's gotta be good news"then he said summer is coming to a screeching halt and it's back to schooland I was like ooooookay

  • Erin Grace
    Erin Grace   3 days ago

    As a teacher, LOVE your comments on math. It's so hard sometimes to convince students and parents about its importance. I love math so much now, but I didn't as a kid and I'm so glad I fixed that lol.

  • Tracy M
    Tracy M   3 days ago


  • Orchestra mojo
    Orchestra mojo   4 days ago

    I love, cant relate to math though I tried SO hard and still haven’t passed, kinda just given up ngl 😂

  • m z
    m z   4 days ago

    I should learn maths now

  • Katerina Barker
    Katerina Barker   4 days ago

    Wow this is the first video I have watched fully of yours and I literally love you! I'm an education major graduating in just one year and I would literally love to show this video to my class. Love how supportive you are and how great your advice is

  • Heidi Puckett
    Heidi Puckett   4 days ago

    Hey, I know it's random that I'm commenting on an older video to ask this and say this. How did you make it to where you are today? I watch beauty gurus and influencers all the time. That is the only type of video I watch on YouTube. I think you are an amazing role model, and I aspire to be like you. I want to try doing YouTube videos about makeup and things like that, but time is difficult. I am an honors high school student who also participated in dual enrollment. I am pushing to be an anesthesiologist one day, but I am passionate about makeup as well. I want to try YouTube, but I'm not sure how to begin or how to find time. Can you help?

  • Kat Wolf
    Kat Wolf   5 days ago

    ok but my skin is still shit fam

  • Mirta J
    Mirta J   6 days ago

    seeing so many americans deal w bulling and drama im actually wondering are all those stereotypes about ur high schools that ive seen in movies growing up true, i mean i just started high school and have never actually encountered bullying or drama n my entire life

  • Carly Williams
    Carly Williams   6 days ago

    Sister James I love u SO much but ur contour is a little red here but like always u look AMAZING!! I just wanted to say.😘😘

  • Mariana Cubides
    Mariana Cubides   6 days ago

    I really really love math and languages, and I'm good at almost all the subjects (less philosophy, that is, I am good at but I get low grades because of the teacher, it´s a bad teacher lol)

  • Sharoon Recinos
    Sharoon Recinos   1 weeks ago

    O M G !!!!!!!! He talk really really fassssst.This is the first time watching his videos.

  • Sondra douris
    Sondra douris   1 weeks ago

    “ school is very expensive for no reason at all “ lol 😭😭 I’m half asleep dying in bed and he manages to muster up and dying laugh from me

  • Nyanna Ross
    Nyanna Ross   1 weeks ago

    Why are you so likable? like... do people watch your videos and actually decide to dislike you? It must be a conscious decision. lol. "Fruits and vegetable in the triangular trade." lol

  • 정수빈
    정수빈   1 weeks ago

    Yoh look exactly like an alphaca