Masterchef season 5 episode 6

  • Published on: 23 July 2014
  • Runtime : 40:21


  • Hej Tobias
    Hej Tobias   10 hours ago

    i think he stole it because he wasnt confident enough about his own

  • ivanyue123
    ivanyue123   18 hours ago

    I didn't watch Masterchef but I have seen Masterchef Junior. I thought they could keep the aprons after they are eliminated

  • Brad J
    Brad J   1 days ago

    @11:22 is that an earpiece in gordons left ear?

  • BW_Ryan
    BW_Ryan   3 days ago

    I wanna knock all of Courtney's teeth out if she doesn't stop talking.

  • Chyllyst
    Chyllyst   3 days ago

    15:40 "Welcome to see ya"

  • ThatOneDumb Gamer
    ThatOneDumb Gamer   4 days ago

    Ahran and Luca and Jamie are my favorites from this show so are

  • David Luiz
    David Luiz   4 days ago

    Pity Tyler. He actually can cook tho.

  • Pee Diddy
    Pee Diddy   5 days ago

    Alexanders Passion fruit dessert looks amazing! ive never actually wanted something from a cooking show b4

  • Victoria Cruz
    Victoria Cruz   5 days ago

    This is the only episode of season 5 I will ever watch because of Luca and Alexander

  • Ocean Ko
    Ocean Ko   1 weeks ago

    get it together j a i m e e

  • AZN Viking
    AZN Viking   1 weeks ago

    Does anybody knows why Jaimee speaks the way she does?

  • UrAvgGamer
    UrAvgGamer   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else see at 38:01 that the guy in the back of the room was crying.

  • Joshua Choo
    Joshua Choo   1 weeks ago

    Love how gordon always keeps on dropping some hints to help people Must feel so good

  • MahnameisjeffLol
    MahnameisjeffLol   1 weeks ago

    Victoria used adobo seasoning lol she should have putten tamarind seasoning for the sourish taste

  • vivi anita
    vivi anita   1 weeks ago

    Whats wrong with jamie voice? Or shes Just talking like that.

  • McBuffenFitness
    McBuffenFitness   1 weeks ago

    beautifully done meals! I can't wait to practice more of my chef skills at home. :)

  • Tony A
    Tony A   1 weeks ago

    Being on a show with a title and future career on the line, pressure is mounting, your in unfamilar territory on food selection for the challenge and kitchen area, cameras are everywhere and you know you will be on national TV. I refuse to believe it was intentional. I'm incredibly surprised many of you think it was. It is illogical.

  • Drew A
    Drew A   1 weeks ago

    Jamie’s voice is so annoying

  • Sovivo -
    Sovivo -   1 weeks ago

    Willy seems so nice dude why did they pick on him like that

  • Richard Tu
    Richard Tu   1 weeks ago

    “Biggest set of balls”But she’s a girl, how will she grow balls.....

  • Syntax Error
    Syntax Error   1 weeks ago

    Why are you all against Courtney? I mean almost all videos I've watched in this season is against her and obviously not into her.. It doesn't necessarily mean that if she's a stripper , she doesn't have the ability to cook and don't deserve to win..Why so judgemental? Are you jealous?

  • rienna
    rienna   1 weeks ago

    That guy didn’t do it on accident he did it onPurpose

  • Craig Batch
    Craig Batch   1 weeks ago

    just imagine waking up to breakfast in bed served by Luca

  • Andrew
    Andrew   2 weeks ago

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