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Best of Kelly & Ryan - The Office US

  • Published on: 01 September 2018
  • "If I get to stay and Ryan is laid off, I will kill myself. Like Romeo and Juliet. The Claire Danes one."

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  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • Angel Grey
    Angel Grey   13 hours ago

    Kelly is so sweet and funny!! Ryan is stupid to ever let her go

  • alexandra
    alexandra   2 days ago

    Still a better beats the toxicity of twilight

  • saiyansnake
    saiyansnake   3 days ago

    I'd like to get into her nook ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Juno~Mynx
    Juno~Mynx   4 days ago

    IVE FINALLY MASTERED COMMITMENT! you also abandoned your baby, so WRONG! Try again.

  • MsAminaShah
    MsAminaShah   4 days ago

    Idc what anyone says 2:13 is the cutest scene from the office period.

  • Red Mission
    Red Mission   4 days ago

    Ugghgh I feel so bad for Kelly, she deserves a better man.

  • V
    V   4 days ago

    Kelly was actually pretty fine. Looks wise.

  • Hamza Khairi
    Hamza Khairi   5 days ago

    But he didn't master commitment he left his baby

  • Nat Asme
    Nat Asme   5 days ago

    The way he said 'Nobody. You and I are done.' was so mean.

  • Froggit _
    Froggit _   5 days ago

    8:45 that face Pam made was me when I watched that clip XD

  • Akirecharts
    Akirecharts   5 days ago

    “Ryan used me as an object” hahahahah

  • jackie
    jackie   6 days ago

    i know ryan is a douche but i was rooting for them 101% of the time

  • Vivian Hymer
    Vivian Hymer   6 days ago

    “I’ve finally mastered commitment.”

  • Jennifer Delagarza
    Jennifer Delagarza   6 days ago

    Ryan so self centered and, Kelly is extremely dumb! 😂 That’s why Michael threw a penny in the water fountain so she can have a brain!! 😭😂

  • Oh HaNi
    Oh HaNi   1 weeks ago

    The ending had me dying 😂😂💀

  • Msbonehunter57
    Msbonehunter57   1 weeks ago

    the run into the sunset forgetting about the baby

  • alish41
    alish41   1 weeks ago

    Ryan used me as an object ...

  • Ernesto Gasulla
    Ernesto Gasulla   1 weeks ago

    Kelly is the most believable character in the series. All offices have a scatterbrain girl like her.

    VIPANDA   1 weeks ago

    I just found out that Ryan and Kelly actually dated on and off throughout the show in real life, just like the characters they play :)

  • R CB
    R CB   1 weeks ago

    Stupid iphone xs ads, i hope youtube take them away real quick.

  • Tahari Withers
    Tahari Withers   1 weeks ago


  • Elazar Singer
    Elazar Singer   1 weeks ago

    When I first heard it I thought he said "we're running faster than commitment"

  • grac4750 grac4750
    grac4750 grac4750   2 weeks ago

    I’d rather she be alone than with somebody. Is that little love? No Ryan, it is not.