Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 3 - Bazzini Full Episode

  • Published on: 14 January 2018

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    Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 3 - Bazzini Full Episode

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  • Runtime : 43:53
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  • GuyverFoxAlpha
    GuyverFoxAlpha   2 hours ago

    Speaking as a cook, the kitchen is usually isolated from the customers, the rest of the house always hears the thank you, gets the tips, feels the love, the cook usually just gets the frustrations, no tips, so you see it can be hard when the restaurant is on your shoulders.

  • druha10304
    druha10304   15 hours ago

    this is like watching a train wreck and laughing

  • FelisTerras
    FelisTerras   15 hours ago

    Sharyn single-handedly stole the show! So adorable and versatile and fun. If I owned a restaurant, I'd steal her right away and shackle her down in my kitchen and give her a raise every birthday..what a gem!^^

  • Jiggly Plop
    Jiggly Plop   16 hours ago

    39:20 yea obviously it’s good, Gordon fucking Ramsay cooked it, he’s carrying them

  • Fàrjani Sara
    Fàrjani Sara   19 hours ago

    Ramsay is a very humble man with the best work ethic! seeing him backing up this depressed and overwhelmed chief as a sous-chief was amazing <3

  • Clare
    Clare   23 hours ago

    You need compassion? I can give you compassion if you don't FUCKED UP MY FOOD!!!!!

  • Sorath84
    Sorath84   1 days ago

    paul has depression. hope he got some help, besides this.

  • Sorath84
    Sorath84   1 days ago

    18:39 he just called them clients. what?

  • Sorath84
    Sorath84   1 days ago

    Alex, such a glorious moustache.

  • Sky He
    Sky He   1 days ago

    Why am I binge watching this at 3:27 am

  • Nick
    Nick   1 days ago

    Paul is a closeted gay and his wife is a cow.

  • Anselmo Chiong
    Anselmo Chiong   1 days ago

    Sharyn is the real-life Blanche Devereaux of the Golden Girls LMAO

  • Winged Lion
    Winged Lion   1 days ago

    Love how all wahmen compliments him 😂😂😂

  • Yodel Simmons
    Yodel Simmons   2 days ago

    the oy vey woman talking about PMS. hilarious

  • Lava Earth
    Lava Earth   2 days ago

    Paul is Lil b**tch like be a man jeez

  • Sara Cornish
    Sara Cornish   2 days ago

    With 60 resturaunts within 4 blocks. I can only imagine. I see why they closed

  • Heroteam 598
    Heroteam 598   2 days ago

    I love this series. Some of things that Ramses tries makes me laugh.

  • James Connolly
    James Connolly   2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay said you wouldn't leave until everything was in place. 22:20

  • Frances Jordan
    Frances Jordan   2 days ago

    This one is probably my favorite because he knows he needs help, he acknowledges his issues, but he's just fighting himself and I can relate to that.

  • Axel 94
    Axel 94   2 days ago

    pastry chef is my spirit animal 😂😂

  • Itslegiter
    Itslegiter   2 days ago

    10:42 The cameraman in the door be like...

  • El.Keyrouz PRIME
    El.Keyrouz PRIME   3 days ago

    It's season 3 episode 3 !! Why people put the wrong tittle ?? It's frustrating to search for a long time for an episode and watch it entirety then realize that was the wrong episode from the wrong season that you didn't want to aim for in the first place !

  • ThunderousGlare
    ThunderousGlare   3 days ago

    Sharyn was sexually harassing gordon, should have been fired right then and there.

  • Yoshi Zuckerman
    Yoshi Zuckerman   3 days ago

    if any restaurant where i live is on an episode i would get a reservation so i could wave to the camera and say hi mom

  • 4 Digit 5
    4 Digit 5   3 days ago


  • Pete Jones
    Pete Jones   3 days ago

    His wife looks like the belly dancer in another episode

  • Godisgood Allthetime

    Why in the world would you go up against the King of the Kitchen? Really! Why?

  • VampireLord1024
    VampireLord1024   3 days ago

    Sure glad that damn text to speech thing isn't in this video.

  • nikki dee
    nikki dee   3 days ago

    This chef had depression and anger issues

  • Miss Riley
    Miss Riley   3 days ago

    That waiter looks like he came from a 1970s porno set.

  • Miss Riley
    Miss Riley   3 days ago

    When Gordon falls UP the stairs into a closet 😂😭

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