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Dirty Jokes & Innuendos in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Published on: 28 September 2018
  • The Legend of Zelda series has been known to be a Family-Friendly series like most of Nintendo's games. But surprisingly in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has went out of their way to add random dirty jokes and sexual innuendos. Which sure end up being hilarious to find! So in this video I will go through all the adult themed jokes I can find in Breath of the Wild, and the few others that made their way into the series!

    If you ever wondered where Paya's secret birthmark is located, or her diary and thoughts of Link. Along with what the Great Fairy does to Link when she upgrades his armor, this video talks about them. Along with other jokes and observations that have a more adult theme to them.

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    Bowsette art & Thumbnail artwork made by: SasaTseng:
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    Intro Song: The Boy Who Shattered Time
    Outro Song: The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)
  • Runtime : 13:21
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  • GliTcH 925
    GliTcH 925   34 minuts ago

    I've never played a zelda game

  • jesus murrieta
    jesus murrieta   4 hours ago

    I wonder if Zelda master plays kingdom hearts because at the end of a video I saw sora

  • Tiger Games
    Tiger Games   5 hours ago

    you missed the squelchiong during the gerudo "spa plan" and comments on his voe like figure. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • StodOne
    StodOne   8 hours ago

    damn no spoiler alert for that papaya birthmark thing? i wanted to find that out for myself :(

  • Alexey
    Alexey   14 hours ago

    Ok youtube i opened this vid.. will you stop spamming it to me now??

  • Gold Flower Gamer
    Gold Flower Gamer   15 hours ago

    Another hidden dirty joke (if you can call it that) is if you make it to Divine Beast Vah Medoh and then return to the flight grounds, and talk to the Rito guy that helped you get to Medoh (I forgot his name), he complains how he couldn’t even get close to Medoh, and then yells “Dammit!”. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that one.

  • Clara Rubiks
    Clara Rubiks   19 hours ago

    "I don't know how they have babies, they probably poop out a rock and it turns into a Goron or something" XD

  • TrapLordHodor
    TrapLordHodor   22 hours ago

    So any Hentai of link and fairies are canon now

  • TrapLordHodor
    TrapLordHodor   22 hours ago

    So any Hentai of link and fairies are canon now

  • Baka Kiiboy
    Baka Kiiboy   23 hours ago

    I lost my childhood when I got my first flip phone...

  • star dream soul os
    star dream soul os   1 days ago

    Link's mind when he gets grabbed "OH GOD NO WHY ME AND NOT MArio~"

  • star dream soul os
    star dream soul os   1 days ago

    3:58 why peach Also Nintendo watched anime when making breath of the wild I'm getting major himegoto vibs. There off the charts I mean they broke my charts I have to fix them now. (It hurts)

  • Agent Failure
    Agent Failure   1 days ago

    Y’all here for that thumbnail right, I’m not the only one?

  • Rumpel JR
    Rumpel JR   1 days ago

    Omfg the Need for speed world song

  • Joseph Siri
    Joseph Siri   1 days ago

    Damn. I literally knew all of these. Even as a kid... I don't really know how to feel about that.

  • BaconLocks
    BaconLocks   1 days ago

    6:47 even the water splash is shaped like a dick, and the color is white.... Can this get any worse?

  • Kyuubi Hiro
    Kyuubi Hiro   1 days ago

    Yeah mature like mortal combat and doomPeople who says games are just for kids definitly have only seen the Nintendo games

  • Jesse Rosario
    Jesse Rosario   1 days ago

    If only we knew what link was thinking. I guess that's why he can't respond to anyone and he's just sinking in every "compliment" from every male and female.

  • Tim G
    Tim G   1 days ago


  • DooplisTheGhost
    DooplisTheGhost   1 days ago

    If Zelda's thicc ass isn't mentioned here I'll be disappointed.

  • starwars demic081
    starwars demic081   1 days ago

    On some versions of it papaya will respond with akwardness, and then impa will answer with something along the lines of"you dont need to know" and then paya says "ill show you someday", and this seems much worse

  • Brovakiin
    Brovakiin   1 days ago

    Reggie can confirm that Link is HOTTT!

  • Undaar Thorbran
    Undaar Thorbran   2 days ago

    In the Adventure of Link you can sleep with a hooker to regain hearts, this stuff isn't new to the franchise.

  • Bastet Noob
    Bastet Noob   2 days ago

    Remember how Zelda said Link is good at riding, and he taught her how to ride?hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Onation Mations
    Onation Mations   2 days ago

    Mipha or Zelda are the only ones that deserve my linky

  • Dok X
    Dok X   2 days ago

    Race of only females?

  • Ayato
    Ayato   2 days ago

    Okay, so Link is not old enough to drink but to risk his own life for an ( at first ) annoying princess and gets send on many quests were he still risks it. But they won't get him let a drink after dying nearly 50 times a day ( when I play xD )