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Married to Medicine's Quad Webb-Lunceford helps Us break down the week's top stories

  • Published on: 10 October 2018
  • Quad Webb-Lunceford of 'Married to Medicine' sits down with Christina and Brody to talk her own divorce, Meghan Markle's family troubles, Kylie Jenner's attempts to expand her family and much more!
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  • Runtime : 34:7
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  • my g
    my g   1 days ago

    I love quad i really do but she took no accountability for her role in the end of her marriage. It's all he did this he was like this but is she really listening & being attentive to his wants and needs. I feel they're both have shown they can be selfish at times.

  • Aarah Jacobs
    Aarah Jacobs   6 days ago

    Ok my kinda changed at first I thought she was putting in an act but clearly there was along happening behind close doors. Prayers to them both

  • A. O'Connell
    A. O'Connell   1 weeks ago

    Quad is No angel, but that man with the BeeGees voice has some serious mental issues. Total dysfunction.Best decision for these 2 is to go on about their lives and GROW from this experience & each other.

  • David Walker
    David Walker   1 weeks ago

    there is something really fabricated and off about this chick

  • Justly Rose
    Justly Rose   1 weeks ago

    I get Quad. She didn't know the signs of what she was dealing with all along: an abusive marriage. Usually a cheating man looking for an excuse to be okay with what he is doing or thinking about doing will pick unwarranted fights/arguments & mentally torment the spouse/partner to where that person will think it's their fault and they need to work harder on trying to fix things in the marriage/relationship. Usually a jealous, envious, insecure person will behave that way and resort to cheating to lash out & hurt their supposedly significant other in order to think "ah ha" you're not all that. You're not even who you think you are and definitely not #1 in my book. It's sick mentality to torment & try to tear down the other person in order to build himself up. I am so glad Quad also has other friends outside of the M2M group where some of them are dysfunctional haters that will never have her intentions in mind. It will always be about learning from her to betray her trust by giving insight to the estranged husband or their husband to give to him. Some would get a kick of wanting to see her trapped in a bitter, unhappy, dysfunctional marriage full of strife. -she's doing the right thing by taking time out deal with, work through the divorce process to healing herself & be healthier all around for a good man that I pray the Good God will bless her with.