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My Mom's Cruel and Unusual Punishments

  • Published on: 26 March 2018
  • Thanks for raising me mom! You made me like this.

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  • Runtime : 8:15
  • Mom mother punishments soap parent sister sibling 50 cents court goodwill M&M's candy christian rock theodd1sout theoddisout theoddonesout cartoon animation lol funny


  • Crystal_Sky _Gacha
    Crystal_Sky _Gacha   4 minuts ago

    My mom cares about me and loves me, she even allowed me to eat cereal for dinner.

  • Pika Chui
    Pika Chui   36 minuts ago

    Luke:Hey,butthdleJames:MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!LUKE CALLED ME A BUTTHDLEMom:Uhhh...That's 50¢James:WoooooooowI'M RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skylar Plays
    Skylar Plays   4 hours ago

    6:40 R.I.P headphones users (cuz im using one and i almost broke my eardrums)

  • Phantom Newtron159
    Phantom Newtron159   11 hours ago


  • Galaxy_ Studio
    Galaxy_ Studio   13 hours ago


  • CrazyKittenz TV
    CrazyKittenz TV   14 hours ago

    James I loved when u played the Carrie Underwood song and I sang Also Happy Birthday James’s Mom

  • Becca Gilden
    Becca Gilden   14 hours ago

    James:MOM LUKE CALLED ME A BUTT-HOLE!!!Mom:that's 50 cents James:WOOOOOO IM RICHH!!!!!!!

  • Jaylon Boyd
    Jaylon Boyd   14 hours ago

    Hey person scrolling through the comments. Dabbing is dead

  • Gucci.
    Gucci.   14 hours ago

    When I started watching your channel I thought you sound like Albert..

  • Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz   15 hours ago

    Always subtract car mom turned up the radio to turn affect on so that everybody can listen

  • NitroScream2345 Triodayz

    coworker:oh do you need help ma'amJames' mom:no,there's just a belt back here that would be good FOR SPANKING MY MISBEHAVING CHILDREN !!!!!

  • Jade Wolf
    Jade Wolf   17 hours ago

    5:21 I seeeeee naruttooooo iiinnnn thereeee

  • Road Warrior
    Road Warrior   17 hours ago

    Your childhood is legit me right nowExcept I have an gud phone

  • Raptor Boi
    Raptor Boi   17 hours ago

    James now Pat your mom 55 dollars

  • Jose Mata
    Jose Mata   17 hours ago

    at 6:14 what is it Christian music

  • Sebastian HL
    Sebastian HL   18 hours ago

    the pc im whacting is on its my pc and my broter and we don't know it but are mom dad broter sister know it and take out the p and the word is password