Noodle Soup With Poached Eggs & Spring Onions | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on: 02 September 2018
  • Deliciously simple for 10 minutes of cooking.

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  • Runtime : 1:15
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  • ꙮ
      16 hours ago

    holy shit you should be in shokugeki no soma

  • Fernando Solito
    Fernando Solito   1 weeks ago

    Gordon I am 11 I thought the episode was amazing you are a big inspiration to me☺

  • iReezyEFK
    iReezyEFK   1 weeks ago

    Nooo why you put soy sauce?!?!

  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister   2 weeks ago

    I do enjoy cooking and like watching cooking videos and learning new ideas skill

  • Intemporality
    Intemporality   2 weeks ago

    Thank you Gordon ! Your receipe inspired me so much, I tweaked it for my taste and It was really delicious ! wow

  • Reptiles on the Move
    Reptiles on the Move   2 weeks ago

    There was an ad on master chef before the video with Gordon Ramsay in it.

  • Ultium99
    Ultium99   1 months ago

    My desire to make really good noodles is too strong,And my wallet is too empty,To be watching ur f***ing videos,Ramsay

  • Phil Fry
    Phil Fry   1 months ago

    It is rumored that on the night stand of Gordon's bedroom, there is a bottle of unlabeled olive oil. Once the wife is ready, he adds a touch of olive oil and spices things up for a beautiful, orgasmic finish.

  • Chase Cook
    Chase Cook   1 months ago

    Thank you very much sir, looks delicious.

  • Tiara Sim
    Tiara Sim   1 months ago

    SUPER FAST TEN MInUTESInstant is 2 minutes waste of time

  • Ghost Hunter770
    Ghost Hunter770   1 months ago

    How’d I get from watching SM117Y to Gordon Ramsay

  • Ghost Dog
    Ghost Dog   1 months ago

    I'd like to see Ramsay do a Suki Yaki.. Used to love that when I lived in Asia.

  • Rhynoculous
    Rhynoculous   1 months ago

    getting hungrier while eating watching this

  • FlyingMonkies325
    FlyingMonkies325   1 months ago

    Hmm... i think i still prefer takeaway chicken noodle soup lol the stock in it is so darn tasty what they do is they boil a whole chicken with quite a few stock cubes with onion, salt and pepper till the chicken all starts falling apart and they use the broth with the stock cubes then make the noodles last thing so they don't just go all soggy and add them in last with the chicken and some more onion, bits of spring onion maybe corn if u want it and little bits of parsley and cabbage drewls nothing beats it i crave it all the time.

  • Ian Ku
    Ian Ku   1 months ago

    Spoon it in? Like a spoon?? How long would that take?

  • Internet Person
    Internet Person   2 months ago

    At first I was like Well maybe I can cook this or something But then the moment he lists off the ingredients I'm like OhRight.

  • JSS951121
    JSS951121   2 months ago

    dry shiitake mushroom soaked in water 🤔

  • JC Lee
    JC Lee   2 months ago

    That was like the worse dish you can make Gordon ......looks like cheap 5 dollar noodles from Walmart how dreadful

  • Northz
    Northz   2 months ago

    Was that even Gordon doing the cooking there? rofl

  • Antanas Obolenas
    Antanas Obolenas   2 months ago

    If u replace egg noodles with zero noodles this is an amazing low carb super food

  • Cris m
    Cris m   2 months ago

    What is the first ingredient? The thing he put into the wáter?

  • バロン
    バロン   2 months ago


  • Sagitarius82
    Sagitarius82   2 months ago

    This is the reason why this guy is a cooking god

  • Marcus Xe
    Marcus Xe   2 months ago


  • IndeedParadox
    IndeedParadox   2 months ago

    I need to try this. But I'll probably use Pak Choi instead of spinach. Looks amazing either way!

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