GOM Player Plus | Age of Mythology | SKAM España (2018)

Trapped in a $100,000 BOUNCY HOUSE for 24 HOURS!

  • Published on: 30 August 2018
  • I got trapped and spent 24 hours in a $100,000 bouncy house! It was crazy it was basically like my own home tour and office tour! This is the secret life of Guava Juice let's go! Hacker can't touch this!

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  • Runtime : 10:
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  • Saniya Panjwani
    Saniya Panjwani   1 months ago

    Legend has it that Roi will like or pin this comment

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    Har Kat   2 hours ago

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  • Cohen Ordenana
    Cohen Ordenana   3 hours ago

    Bros if you read this comment like yo if you think that roi peed himself in this vido like pls peace out

  • Christine Reid
    Christine Reid   3 hours ago

    At 3:15 there is a marshmallow head in the background

  • Shanny Shelander
    Shanny Shelander   4 hours ago


  • irene mae
    irene mae   12 hours ago

    0:10 See the top it says AYY NAKO (omg!) omgomgomg Kuya Roi are you a Filipino?

  • shorty 45
    shorty 45   2 days ago

    Hey roi I got your slime toy and it was amazing I love all the scents ( coral slime, ocean breeze slime, pirates treasure slime , seaweed slime )

  • Stryker200000
    Stryker200000   2 days ago

    3:14 MARSHMELLO GAVE HIM HIS HAT!!!!!or he's not really friends with marshmello

  • Tempe cat
    Tempe cat   2 days ago

    Why do you have a March mellow hat

  • Savannah Scout
    Savannah Scout   2 days ago

    GGuGuaGuavGuavaGuava jGuava juGuava juiGuava juicGuava juiceGuava juicGuava jui Guava juGuava jGuavaGuavGuaGuG

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  • Elsy Bahena
    Elsy Bahena   2 days ago

    When you drank the water and jump it made me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • alina Avila
    alina Avila   3 days ago

    Hahaha you know that is a game master