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My Random Thoughts (James Edition)

  • Published on: 09 August 2017
  • Random = Funny (?) lol XD rofl roflcopter lmao (dabs) Sorry I don't know what to put here
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  • Runtime : 8:22
  • Random thoughts Jaiden animations happiness hairless animal shaveing captcha robot optical illusion Archaeologist Caesar time fedora fashion rain sun paint theoddisout theoddonesout theodd1scout theodd1sout cartoon funny lol animation


  • Seaners
    Seaners   41 minuts ago

    7:15 sense when was a wife a his?

  • Clark12302
    Clark12302   1 hours ago

    Please make a Hitler marshmallow plush.

  • Amy Hernández
    Amy Hernández   2 hours ago

    I actually get smarter watching James' videos.AND SOME PEOPLE SAY "YOUTUBE MAKES YOU STUPIDER" PSH NAH LIES I TELL YOU LIES!!! Btw thanks James for teaching me new things.

  • Lydia Yazzie
    Lydia Yazzie   2 hours ago

    A random thought I have a lot: 6 years later and I StIlL dOnT kNoW hOw AiRpLaNe BaThRoOmS wOrK

  • Kevin Lyons
    Kevin Lyons   3 hours ago

    I want out I love this video please make more please make more please please please please please please I love your videos I want to see you in person please please please make more good videos I love make a video about make a video about dragons are real are Neopets real and Neopets combined with Pokemon hat what would it called be Newman I don't know maybe you can decide

  • Kevin Lyons
    Kevin Lyons   3 hours ago


  • Brianna Creed
    Brianna Creed   4 hours ago

    I’m From Tennessee..... I’ve never heard that phrase before

  • Pumpkill Ruben
    Pumpkill Ruben   6 hours ago

    im french and i never heared the devil expression

  • Max Jones
    Max Jones   7 hours ago

    I was once an archeologist. The results I found were ground-breaking!

  • ugly monkey 457
    ugly monkey 457   7 hours ago


  • Silver Panha
    Silver Panha   12 hours ago

    I never pay attention when my teacher is teaching about clockstuff

  • Golden Gaming Cameron
    Golden Gaming Cameron   13 hours ago

    To the 1% reading this, have a great day. Please check out my new fortnite montage. Please no hate! :D

  • BladeDancer
    BladeDancer   14 hours ago

    Did you know, every time you smell something tiny particles go into your nose.Did you know, children that smell poop then eat their boogers are eating their own water my friend

  • Haaxey der Ehrentoad
    Haaxey der Ehrentoad   14 hours ago

    Why are most of your titles translated into German for me now? Did you approve that? Is that done automatically? And, to the other non-English/German Speakers here: Are the Titles translated for you aswell?

  • Itsyagirl Jada
    Itsyagirl Jada   14 hours ago

    Love the "7th grade confidence level" because I'm a 7th grader AND I FUCKING HATE MYSELF :) so that is accurate. Good job. w

  • Arwen Cookie
    Arwen Cookie   14 hours ago

    Aayyyy im from Tennessee and i say that

  • Zander O’Keefe
    Zander O’Keefe   14 hours ago

    Think of Bigfoot.He has fur and people think he’s an abomination.

  • BloxBall
    BloxBall   15 hours ago

    snowstorms are the devil abusing his children

  • Blueberry-Bun
    Blueberry-Bun   15 hours ago

    Okay, I have no bloody idea why, but for some reason Youtube translated nearly all titles and descriptions of James' videos into my native language (polish) and it's so weird. And the worst part is it actually translated it exceptionally well. Does anyone know why this happened? It's freaking me out D:

  • Sargent Smartass
    Sargent Smartass   16 hours ago

    In South Africa we say Jackels trou met wolf se vrou... which basically translates to The Jackle marries The wolf's wife.

  • xX ROLEX 666 Xx
    xX ROLEX 666 Xx   16 hours ago

    1:28 soo would that mean that Mark Zuckerberg is human?