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My Random Thoughts (James Edition)

  • Published on: 09 August 2017
  • Random = Funny (?) lol XD rofl roflcopter lmao (dabs) Sorry I don't know what to put here
    Jaiden's Random Thoughts video ➤http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiXLtEi4Ui8

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    Dont ask why there was a blank frame at 00:14 it was premiere's fault.


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  • Runtime : 8:22
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  • Stacey April
    Stacey April   38 minuts ago

    Our saying in South Africa is "jakkals trou met wolf se vrou" which means 'jackal is marrying wolf's wife' lol

  • Izzy7006
    Izzy7006   47 minuts ago

    For the sus and rain thingy, here is what I call it... “HOLY SHIT IMMA SEE A FUCKIN RAINBOW WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”

  • canon Campbell
    canon Campbell   50 minuts ago

    he says eating http://youtu.be/_I8_-u9xAeo?t=433

  • Stari_Cat
    Stari_Cat   2 hours ago


  • Lime
    Lime   4 hours ago

    No one is noticing the snow storm joke

  • Patrik Udovicic
    Patrik Udovicic   9 hours ago

    I live in Australia and we call it a blubbler not a water fountain

  • Dry Bones
    Dry Bones   12 hours ago

    Weird random thought: If you were invisible, shouldn't you be blind? Light needs to contact your eyes to see, and for something to be invisible, light needs to not come in contact with it, so if light can't contact your eyes, you can't see.

  • aria christofaro
    aria christofaro   12 hours ago

    Im from Florida but raised in roihd isles andd recently moved and I call it a bunker and everyone looks at me like I have 100000 diffrent heads all talking at once

  • dylan Lussier
    dylan Lussier   12 hours ago

    What if your talking a bubbler near a water forntian and it would be a water fountain near a water fountain that doesn't make sense but a bubbler makes sense in that sentence

  • Chloe Taylor
    Chloe Taylor   14 hours ago

    I have lived my hole life in the South and never heard that

  • Xan Fennell
    Xan Fennell   14 hours ago

    south carolina uses that rain saying

  • Nobutsu
    Nobutsu   14 hours ago

    Guys, he said a quarter to 8:37 which is 8:22, the duration of this video Illuminati confirmed

  • Walt Henard
    Walt Henard   14 hours ago

    Why do you expect that from Tennessee

  • Ravi Sam
    Ravi Sam   15 hours ago

    5:46 is uhhh about names and devil

  • Pitbull Life
    Pitbull Life   16 hours ago

    I’m from WI and I’ve never even heard of a washroom (5:55)

  • Grantplayz !
    Grantplayz !   16 hours ago

    Wisconsin doesn’t call bathrooms washrooms

  • Iron God
    Iron God   17 hours ago

    Hotel did nothing wrong

  • Astroturtle gaming
    Astroturtle gaming   17 hours ago

    No bubbler is in Milwaukee Wisconsin and only Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Quaïta 99
    Quaïta 99   17 hours ago

    What no we don't say anythings about the devil we say "le renard se mari" wich mean mean the fox is getting maried

  • Chad Retterer
    Chad Retterer   17 hours ago

    The line on the tops bigger the two arrows mean it goes n forever

  • Solenne C
    Solenne C   17 hours ago

    "le diable bat sa femme et marie sa fille" isn't really use it's more like an "old people saying"😂. For the information as weird it's the proverb, is based on a Catholic myth (Jupiter and Juno).