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Kevin Cooks Stuff In The Office - The Office US

  • Published on: 23 September 2017
  • Lunch of the champions.

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  • Runtime : 5:11
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  • Cecila chan
    Cecila chan   8 hours ago

    now that i think of it do Stanley and Kevin ever really talk?

  • miXed
    miXed   23 hours ago

    This makes me very uncomfortable

  • ShinyLocke
    ShinyLocke   1 days ago

    I want to try the quesadilla thing

  • Izabela TMc
    Izabela TMc   1 days ago

    Could please someone help me... in which episode Kevin is counting 67, 68, 69 and chuckles :)

  • J S
    J S   1 days ago

    What episode is this??? I don’t remember seeing this

  • Scaitan
    Scaitan   1 days ago

    I was half expecting the fire alarm to go off at the end. Slightly disappointed.

  • Ryan Vern
    Ryan Vern   1 days ago

    He should've collabbed with Weber cooks

  • Slick S
    Slick S   1 days ago

    Reminds me of cooking with commissary in jail.

  • Le tuan linh
    Le tuan linh   3 days ago

    So we just gonna overlook the precision of Kevin pouring those sugar on top of the pudding?

  • James
    James   3 days ago

    what season is this?

  • Retr0Beau
    Retr0Beau   3 days ago

    Still waiting for the next episode

  • Shawn D. Humphrey
    Shawn D. Humphrey   3 days ago

    Wait- where's the instant mashed potatoes and ramen seasoning episode? How will I know how to make instant mashed potatoes even yummier?

  • NinjaCraft
    NinjaCraft   5 days ago

    Meredith didnt steal the blender... Creed did

  • noodle gorillaz
    noodle gorillaz   5 days ago

    Did you wash your hands, Stanley? I bet you didn’t’.

  • juneee
    juneee   5 days ago

    stanley was the star of this video

  • Froggit _
    Froggit _   6 days ago

    Kevin is ME as a college student

  • Afflicted15
    Afflicted15   6 days ago

    That was actually a really nice flower

  • Stripe
    Stripe   6 days ago

    I just made some quesadillas like Kevin made them, they actually taste really friggin good

  • Sunny bacon
    Sunny bacon   1 weeks ago

    I've watched the office almost three times and I don't remember this episode lol 😂😅

  • Chuck and Luke
    Chuck and Luke   1 weeks ago

    Who ever disliked this video will go straight to h*ll

  • MattMan Reviews
    MattMan Reviews   1 weeks ago

    who else actually wanted to see how the creme brulee turned out

  • Chibi Rae
    Chibi Rae   1 weeks ago

    Toby always look like he's dead inside

  • 나탈리Love
    나탈리Love   1 weeks ago

    .....i totally did not feel stupid while watching this.