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10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

  • Published on: 07 August 2018
  • This is a fun and lighthearted video on the 10 fashion mistakes women make. This is not meant to attack or offend anyone. I make fashion mistakes too and have definitely learned my lesson over the years. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Enjoy!!

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  • Marie BUNKER
    Marie BUNKER   3 days ago

    Funny how she talked about not wearing to much makeup yet her face is covered in it

  • Drema Morgan
    Drema Morgan   1 weeks ago

    Wow!!! I don’t understand all of the negativity. It’s fashion so of course everyone has their own opinion and style. I’ve read comments with people saying that it was mostly her opinion and that they don’t care. Apparently you do or you wouldn’t be watching in the 1st place. If you don’t like it and don’t agree, don’t watch it. I think the biggest problem is that people are just so sensitive and they must have been doing some of the things that she mentioned or they wouldn’t have got so defensive. Most people have probably been guilty of something she said at some point. I agree with most of what she said, especially if you want to look put together. That being said, if you do some of the things that she said is a mistake , and that’s what you like, then do you. You agree or you don’t. There’s no point in being rude about it and bashing her. Like I said before, you don’t have to watch it.

  • Cassandra Castaño
    Cassandra Castaño   1 weeks ago

    Wow! she completely lost me at "blonde is more desirable. come on...

  • Callie DeHart
    Callie DeHart   1 weeks ago

    I would definitely disagree with #4 without the side note about bralettes. I think that those peeking out looks so pretty and feminine!

  • Kimille Tamra ghostwriter/Author Kimille Tamra

    Hi your great & I love your fashion videos but I think you need to understand that your mistake views are your views and not for everyone as I rock the bold Donatella Versace look I love the dark eye makeup to me it's the sixties look and also I'm a Scorpio but that's another video also your highlights look grey x

  • Uzee J
    Uzee J   2 weeks ago

    Love this video, you are a so classy , and your hair colour is gorgeous , ignore the haters, it's them being trashy and the truth hurts 😎😉😊

  • starla
    starla   2 weeks ago

    What's some good non-see through leggings you can recommend???:)

  • rose biff
    rose biff   2 weeks ago

    U r just adorable your videos...i am happy to see that i am not making much fashion mistakes..but number 10 i must admit ..ITS ME😢😢

  • Aredhel
    Aredhel   3 weeks ago

    To the perpetually offended: Imagine if you made an appointment with a stylist, and when you got there she just said you're beautiful and awesome just the way you are, and you should just wear whatever you want and not care what other people think. You'd probably be pretty annoyed, seeing as you were trying to get some specific advice, not vague Tumblr-worthy platitudes. This video is clearly for people who actually want some tips. Also the fact remains that many, if not most, of our social behaviours are subconsciously driven by a desire to attract a partner of the (usually) opposite sex. That is due to biology and evolution, not social conditioning, and it will never change, no matter how many times people keep repeating the mantra that women wear makeup only for themselves, not for men. It's perfectly normal to want to be attractive, and it's also normal to care what others think of us, as long as it doesn't become an obsession.

  • Ce Ce
    Ce Ce   3 weeks ago

    Girl I make most of this mistakes. But you are right I know if I took a bit of time to rectify then I will be less aware of how my outfit fits and looks. I'm going to try some of this tips.

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S   3 weeks ago

    Nice video! This comment section is crazy though. I subbed for more. Keep up the good stuff

  • SheaunnaGuary
    SheaunnaGuary   3 weeks ago

    A Classic colorist will only go one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair and stay within your natural tones.

  • anjumon sahin
    anjumon sahin   3 weeks ago

    I am unsubscribing from your channel. Your tone is so condescending and attitude so regressive that it's just not worth it. A few months ago I would have gone into details about what I think is not working in the video but I have realized that we are not on different pages but on different books. So, there is no point. Just one thing: there is a thing called kajal which a number of women apply, mostly only on the lower eyelid and it looks amazing.Oh and I just had to add. Women have come a long way since needing to hide their body parts under a hundred layers. So, if a woman wants to show a bra strap or panty lines or her nipples or ass for that matter, more power to her.

  • Tashanny Jay
    Tashanny Jay   4 weeks ago

    Also making your "private zone" marks when wearing workout pants 🙈🙈🙈

  • poljiu
    poljiu   1 months ago

    Before you write off the whole video because you don't agree with a few of her suggestions remember she's just trying to help you if it applies to you. With a 34DDD bra size I can't wear a strapless bra with everything because I need the support so I wont be doing that. But she's right that getting clothes fit at the tailor makes a huge difference in your appearance(if u can afford it). if you have a completely different appearance/style than her then maybe watch another video??

  • Lyn Cagampang
    Lyn Cagampang   1 months ago

    Wow a lot of negative comments and some quite personal about her hair. Geez guys get a grip. These are just some tips take what works for you. Why do us women always hate in each other ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Gaboobie
    Gaboobie   1 months ago

    yeah but you wear a lot of makeup

  • Stacy Bozeman
    Stacy Bozeman   1 months ago

    I agree with your points you have stated about fashion mistakes. The problem is most individuals in this world are not true to their unique self. Also, most individuals are not comfortable with their self, and this starts with self love. When a person truly doesn’t care about what others think they will be true to self and present their self in a way that is pleasing to self. Great video, its awesome to see other women out there that display self love daily.

  • Hypatia52
    Hypatia52   1 months ago

    That was a waste of time. How about some real mistakes? Like don't go out and run errands in YOUR PAJAMAS AND SLIPPERS. It's not fashion-forward and most of the time you smell a little dank.

  • Sarah Marissa Maglalang

    I do all of these things & I feel they are lady like & appropriate. Not at all out dated or too opinionated. If you were watching this, you’re obviously curious, so why judge the advice she is giving?! I applaud her! She’s empowering women to take control of their identity. It has nothing to do with what men like or want, it’s how WE feel & what we want.

  • Krystal Walters
    Krystal Walters   1 months ago

    #4 - Pretty sure your wearing a bra to make this video? You're extremely manic.

  • Marj F
    Marj F   1 months ago

    Hi Naomi! I've discovered your channel by chance some days ago and i love it!!! So many good and nice tips to look and feel good in a simple way.. I have started to change wardrobe since i got that patterns are the things i always buy and never wear! And recently that neutral color, chic and comfy better quality is my style, i this am so happy i've e-met you now in tjis process!! + First time i hear an international ytber in the beauty world saying that sometimes less (make up) is more!! Thank you for your great job!! So happy to watch your past videos! You are beaitiful by the way. Kiss from Paris

  • Jessica Lu
    Jessica Lu   1 months ago

    Your hair is way too dark and too much contrast for you.

  • blueshoes915
    blueshoes915   1 months ago

    My “makeup artist” for my wedding makeup trial put dark black eyeliner all around my eyes, put very dark, heavy lipstick on me, which was awful, and highlighted the hood of my eye! I have very pale skin and hooded eyes; I was horrified!!! Let that be a lesson, always do a trial with the makeup artist before booking them. Just because they went to school for something and have experience does NOT mean they are good. Really hard, expensive lesson I learned as I had already booked him before my trial. My wedding day makeup was ok but I did not feel I looked good and could have done a way better job myself. Such a sad waste of money. I still get upset when I think of it. Long story to say, “good tip”, no black eyeliner all around the eyes!

  • Sii
    Sii   1 months ago

    Everyone doesn't wear thongs tho

  • Valerie Gonzalez
    Valerie Gonzalez   1 months ago

    I just found your channel and immediately subscribed! I love your videos!!

  • Tea Ignatov
    Tea Ignatov   1 months ago

    People get triggered too easily these days. Don't bother, keep doing what you do, love your channel 😘

  • Nicholotta T
    Nicholotta T   1 months ago

    leggings keep the boys interested. they love it. hi!

  • Nicholotta T
    Nicholotta T   1 months ago

    mistake #1: god awful blonde streaks in black hair. ay!

  • Malica Hamilton
    Malica Hamilton   1 months ago

    The first one .... of course you can wear leggings as pants as you Americans call it. You can wear a black pair with black underwear some leggings are thicker than others so the thin ones should be worn with a long top to cover your bum. It’s really not hard ! Most girls make the mistake of wearing super thin leggings and then bright pink underwear.... 🤦🏽‍♀️