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Science Presentation - SNL

  • Published on: 11 December 2016
  • Three judges (Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson) play favorites while reviewing students' (Mikey Day, Vanessa Bayer, John Cena) projects.


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  • Runtime : 4:54
  • SNL Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 1713 Vanessa Bayer Mikey Day Kenan Thompson Aidy Bryant Beck Bennett Bobby Moynihan episode 9 john cena it’s john cena wwe actor wrestler wrestle mania smackdown the wall the pact daddy’s home surf’s up 2 maren morris musician songwriter country my church 80s mercedes live new york comedy sketch funny hilarious late night host music guest laugh impersonation science project science fair


  • MasterT91
    MasterT91   5 hours ago

    The only thing I liked about this sketch was "the very hungry caterpillar" book reference at the end

  • Ricky Evans
    Ricky Evans   16 hours ago

    ngl this is extremely accurate. even the sports part aside professors a lot of the time unrealistically tough and even mock students if they mess up

  • Anna A.
    Anna A.   23 hours ago

    I'm so happy kill me Alabama

  • Joan M
    Joan M   1 days ago

    Fuck of John Cena

  • MrCat
    MrCat   1 days ago

    lol! Poking fun at privileged black athletes using a white guy. hahaha

  • Marcus
    Marcus   1 days ago

    John Cena just plays himself

  • Jarod Moodley
    Jarod Moodley   1 days ago

    Don't like the stereotypical ideology in this video . Not every black man has his face painted whilst wearing a suit ! PATHETIC that SNL would stoop so low , smh ....

  • ccggenius12
    ccggenius12   2 days ago

    I liked it better as a King of the Hill episode.

  • *insert name*
    *insert name*   2 days ago

    wow I never knew oranges are bananas who knew

  • EdricLysharae
    EdricLysharae   2 days ago

    I would be laughing, but for some reason, I am consumed with repressed nerdrage.

  • NOVA mAgMa
    NOVA mAgMa   2 days ago

    Amazing. So inspiring. Ray presented an A-plus worthy report without even being there. Simply being on a mic in the other room was enough to take home a brilliant mark. Thank you Ray!

  • Oopss7
    Oopss7   3 days ago

    Damn, when did John Cena get so handsome? Do I just have a thing for jocks?

  • HelloSammy
    HelloSammy   3 days ago

    It's for the greater good. A particle accelerator of that size and shoddy construction? He's just one experiment away from opening a black hole on earth. The cloud chamber would have caused a creation-ending flood not heard of since biblical times. The jock found a way to recycle food waste. Impressive.

  • A
    A   3 days ago

    it said John Cena was in this, but I never saw him

  • Aidan Conway
    Aidan Conway   3 days ago

    I live in Alabama and that’s correct 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Overlord0011
    Overlord0011   3 days ago

    Can I just say that it is a really bad idea to watch this video the night before you actually have one of these presentations to do?

  • Tasha Anand-Burnett
    Tasha Anand-Burnett   4 days ago

    John Cena man!!! With his action he sounded like a cute little kid aww lmaooooo

  • Cole Minty
    Cole Minty   4 days ago

    its very impressive honestly how he got 4 differantly ripe bananas to stay in that state

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson   5 days ago

    It’s funny cause it’s true. I spent a couple weeks building a science project where I basically built an alternator from scratch. I had it setup so that other people could spin it to make a light bulb glow. I believe I had a pretty cool setup it got tons of attention, I also believe I did a damn good presentation but when I received my grade it was mediocre. But the jock that did his project on pop-corn did no presentation just handed out popcorn from his pop-corn popping cart thing. He very briefly explained how corn popped the rest of the time he talked about what flavors of popcorn there were and which were his favorite. Then donated the popcorn cart to the schools faculty. He got a gold medal... wtf

  • Johnny Thunder
    Johnny Thunder   6 days ago

    they actin like we dont read here in alabama...bunch of jealoeus ass daddy taut us to read and hunt before any of you yankee tirds was even walkin lol bunch of no it alls lmao

  • migmadmarine
    migmadmarine   1 weeks ago

    in 'merica,we all know foosball comes first.

  • .m.
    .m.   1 weeks ago

    No wonder mericans are so dumb

  • Rhodes _02
    Rhodes _02   1 weeks ago

    God am I glad I go to a private school