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Everything Michael B. Jordan Does in a Day | Vanity Fair

  • Published on: 02 October 2018
  • Michael B. Jordan tells us everything he does in a day.

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    Everything Michael B. Jordan Does in a Day | Vanity Fair
  • Runtime : 5:47
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  • Brooke Resch
    Brooke Resch   7 hours ago

    I’m sorry...ya meditate in the shower and “just let the water run over you”... you need to give a warning before narrating that scene! 😳😮

  • K sospicy
    K sospicy   12 hours ago

    he had me. but i geeked when he said he was a fan of anime

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel   2 days ago

    3:11 There isn't even a cable connecting his phone to Vanity Fair's computer or whatever, why everytime he taps his phone the number increases though?

  • Jordan
    Jordan   2 days ago

    He is ugly. Not supporting his movies.

  • Alastair Hewitt
    Alastair Hewitt   3 days ago

    Get up early, Workout, avoid media distractions, don't have ibs, be insanely productive on 4hrs of sleep a night, don't drink alcohol. I can maybe do 4/6ths of this on a regular basis, sometimes 5 with the help of vyvanse and caffeine.

  • J. Rossi
    J. Rossi   4 days ago

    Jelly with bacon i get, but jelly with bacon eggs and cheese? Blagh! :(

  • Kade 18c
    Kade 18c   4 days ago

    Can I get a gym in my house pweeease preferably one with MJ in it?

  • Arbaaz Khan
    Arbaaz Khan   5 days ago

    261 unread messages. He's definitely moving prestige

  • Karma Lama
    Karma Lama   5 days ago

    4 hours of sleep and look this good?? he was born to accomplish

  • Zane A
    Zane A   6 days ago

    If I wake up early too, would my dad be a famous basketball player too?

  • Xapis A
    Xapis A   6 days ago

    Having only 4 hours of sleep is going to catch up with you later in life.

  • sactown916
    sactown916   6 days ago

    I bet the majority of those texts are gold digging whores tryna ride his man meat and get pregnant so they can steal his money

  • Justin King
    Justin King   1 weeks ago

    Him: “I’m Michael B. Jordan”Me: no you’re daddy Him: 0_oMe: ;)

  • Daniel Storm
    Daniel Storm   1 weeks ago

    How can he have such outstanding fitness gains if he doesn't sleep that much?

  • Dieter Reid
    Dieter Reid   1 weeks ago

    4 hours sleep!! I struggle on 8 😂

  • Quinton Hamilton
    Quinton Hamilton   1 weeks ago

    It must be nice to workout and eat all day...That would be the life

  • Rooster D
    Rooster D   1 weeks ago

    KillMonger this is he doing now ?

  • adrian tan
    adrian tan   1 weeks ago

    Whats the app used to note down his activities?

  • FlyeRMcFLY
    FlyeRMcFLY   1 weeks ago

    What app are they using to demonstrate the schedule ?

  • Chaji Dosanjh
    Chaji Dosanjh   1 weeks ago

    Everyone wakes up early then shower for the rest of the day

  • Bokimon
    Bokimon   1 weeks ago

    Michael jordan looks so young

  • JP Sablay
    JP Sablay   1 weeks ago

    Where can one buy a clock like that?

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson   1 weeks ago

    Okay...I love this guy...but three showers a day is a criminal waste of water.

  • Drew Nai
    Drew Nai   1 weeks ago

    dudes a workaholic, mad respect

  • truevizard
    truevizard   1 weeks ago

    Someone get me his gamertag! Catch me on Destiny bro!

  • Jon Mango
    Jon Mango   1 weeks ago

    killer start to the day !! Good stuff

  • God
    God   1 weeks ago

    1:56 half reppin strong af.

  • Sir. RR
    Sir. RR   1 weeks ago

    What this site called?