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£4 Fish And Chips Vs. £50 Fish And Chips

  • Published on: 03 December 2017
  • I need to respect the batter. The Season Finale! Worth It UK is the British spin off of the hit US Show Worth It! Join host Rich, a rotating cast of guests, and Joe the sound guy as they fumble around Britain tasting food at three drastically different price points! Yay, more Worth It!

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  • Runtime : 11:34
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  • Anjay Jackson
    Anjay Jackson   2 days ago

    next time Im in London I'm going to golden union,looks great!!!👌

  • Anjay Jackson
    Anjay Jackson   2 days ago

    next time Im in London I'm going to golden union,looks great!!!👌

  • Guy Buy
    Guy Buy   4 days ago

    Im only watching this cause I might get a job at a chippy tomorrow.

  • Hi
    Hi   1 weeks ago

    Is the tartar sauce like ranch?

  • Jonnard
    Jonnard   1 weeks ago

    Just go to a regular chippy for £5 for fish and chips, in beef dripping, how it's supposed to be

  • Cameron Wood
    Cameron Wood   1 weeks ago

    Proper manc fish and chips is chips fish gravy fish bits and a puddin

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali   1 weeks ago

    This is 10X funnier than Worth IT, the camera guy is a total winner.

  • Justin
    Justin   1 weeks ago

    sound guy is top notch hilarious

  • kevin macdonald
    kevin macdonald   1 weeks ago

    Liz is Adam, shorter guy is Andrew, taller guy is Steven. BAM

  • Earl Saberon
    Earl Saberon   1 weeks ago

    It only took them 6 episode to realize Joe is a ducking Genius entertainer

  • Apexicus
    Apexicus   1 weeks ago

    here, you can get a whole fish for about 4.50....

  • Yves Tobon
    Yves Tobon   1 weeks ago

    Whatever happen to this series? I was looking forward to watching more episodes.

  • WellBeSerious12
    WellBeSerious12   1 weeks ago

    You two are acting like children. Either order one dish each or split it all evenly in half.

  • Gianni Basile
    Gianni Basile   1 weeks ago

    i want a crossover with the american guys. Maybe at the end of a season or something

  • Gorilla Chilla
    Gorilla Chilla   2 weeks ago

    15 pounds for 2 black cod packets, he makes 35 pounds for the rest

  • Deng Hj
    Deng Hj   3 weeks ago

    How many time you guys say succulent 10 time.. ....

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond   3 weeks ago

    think u guys r great x nothing beats good fish an chips x thanku x love an god bless x

  • Grizzly Gamer
    Grizzly Gamer   3 weeks ago

    That chip shop in Soho looks well swanky... Shame everybody knows they can't do fish and chips darn sarf.

  • Smiggy Ballz
    Smiggy Ballz   3 weeks ago

    Wonder how much the pint of Guinness was... Probably like £12

  • Lucille MENNA.
    Lucille MENNA.   4 weeks ago

    Hmmm got food poisoning from Golden Union so definitely not my worth it winner !

  • shani Warn
    shani Warn   4 weeks ago

    these guys are super cute ^^ love their personalities!

  • Stay Frosty
    Stay Frosty   1 months ago

    "What do you call a fish with no "I"s? A "Fsh"."Heard that from the Amazing World of Gumball.

  • Devin Petersen
    Devin Petersen   1 months ago

    Bloody hell blokes now I have to skimmer on down to a long John silvers you made me so hungry for a good basket.