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Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Being Sober - SNL

  • Published on: 14 May 2017
  • Pete Davidson discusses life after getting sober and how he picked his rehab facility.

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  • Runtime : 2:58
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  • willburd bath
    willburd bath   9 hours ago

    Who knows where pete got that sick sweatshirt??

  • zoë is trash
    zoë is trash   18 hours ago

    as someone who has done horse therapy----all true

  • R Lee
    R Lee   1 days ago

    Butthole eyes

  • California Creamin'
    California Creamin'   3 days ago

    "Bunch of dummies in there...if I had a kid right now, he'd come out with a snapback and a neck tattoo." One year later, Pete's sporting neck tattoo and I'm pretty sure he wears snapbacks.

  • Don Keydik
    Don Keydik   4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure he went to rehab for marijuana? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • damn gina
    damn gina   4 days ago

    this fuckin newb doesn't and has never had a drug problem...talkimg about weed....fuckin kook, ill find u on the street bitch

  • Um Uh
    Um Uh   4 days ago

    “Masturbating been doing that a lot”

  • BigBewtieHoles
    BigBewtieHoles   1 weeks ago

    lol @ colin jost like nobody knew rehab was 40 grand for pretty rich people

  • Pretty Pixy
    Pretty Pixy   1 weeks ago

    Pete, you fucking rock - horses, I am sure that would rock 🤣🤣🤣

  • Makoto Kazuki
    Makoto Kazuki   1 weeks ago

    SNL isnt that funny, or funny at all but whenever Pete arrives it seems to actually make me laugh. Everyone said SNL was better than MadTV but that's a lie

  • Linda
    Linda   1 weeks ago

    I heard he's high all the time.

  • z0eAnNaBeIgH
    z0eAnNaBeIgH   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else get that anti-feminist ad before the video?

  • ilona from Paramore
    ilona from Paramore   2 weeks ago

    either americans have really low standards for humor or this video is just absolutely not funny

  • James James
    James James   2 weeks ago

    Seriously how rank must Grandes cooch be that this and Mac miller are the best she can do?She must have the smell of a 1000 dead catfish in her nether regions.

  • Jarod Amburgey
    Jarod Amburgey   2 weeks ago

    Pete Davidson sucks. Does anyone remember the stuffed animals called "monchichi"? Monchichi monchichi your so dumb and not funny. He at least, was able to hop on "nacho bell Grande's" coat tail" she should help him a lot. Such a moronic couple. Maybe Nachos little fruity britches brother,can teach him to dance. He will then be able to do something entertaining that will help him pay the bills.

  • Jonathan Villalobos
    Jonathan Villalobos   2 weeks ago

    Dude is not funny at all.i wonder how he got this gig?the guys on smosh are at least funny.

  • J Law
    J Law   3 weeks ago

    I do not care if people do not like Pete Davidson; that means more of that delicious Pete Davidson nugget for me!! He's funny, adorable, sexxy...oh yeah

  • Paolo Coppari
    Paolo Coppari   3 weeks ago

    He's amazing, but dammit his handshakes are awful

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke   3 weeks ago

    Yo I never knew who he was until he dated ariana but I'm glad bc hes funny AF and dating my dream girl and hes skinny I'd kill to be him

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D   3 weeks ago

    I've seriously watched over 10 clips of this guy and have yet to smirk or Google once he's just isn't funny

  • Sarah
    Sarah   1 months ago

    Fucking loser who uses jokes on his dead father on 9/11 to get fame...and is still a druggie fucking loser

  • Brandon Cook
    Brandon Cook   1 months ago

    1:06 that shot to mac. Honestly was this when pete and ariana first started dating? And no I'm not bashing mac Miller. He was my favorite artist. Gone to soon

  • Nicholas Gramenos
    Nicholas Gramenos   1 months ago

    Me: Colin Quinn was the worst thing to happen to Weekend Update. 2017 SNL Cast: Hold my beer

  • Kayla Grey
    Kayla Grey   1 months ago

    Why does it look like he's winking?