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  • Published on: 16 September 2018
  • HI SISTERS & BROTHERS! We're back! In today's episode we talk about Pet Peeves and little things that annoy us. Everything from sleeping, to iPhones, to rude fans, this video gets... annoying. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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    INTRO & OUTRO GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 16:28
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  • Grace Babylonia
    Grace Babylonia   4 minuts ago

    Brother and Sister is just like the best thing ever ! James is so happy and like cheery , and Ian is like so calm and like quite.

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf   5 hours ago

    Most of these things I actually can relate to! Ps: love you James I really appreciate you for being the most amazing role model I’ve ever seen you inspire me so much! ILYSM! <3 :D

  • Krazy
    Krazy   7 hours ago

    Ian hates JoJo Siwa

  • Lydia Jose
    Lydia Jose   7 hours ago

    lol sis Ian was talking about ricegum SHISHTER SHADEEEEEE

  • Emma Mcc
    Emma Mcc   10 hours ago

    JJa JamJameJamesJames cJames chJames chaJames charJames charlJames charleJames CharlesJames charleJames charlJames charJames chaJames chJames cJamesJameJamJaJ

  • mystery man
    mystery man   10 hours ago

    Looks like you will hate me. No offence. I act immature.

  • A H
    A H   11 hours ago

    Is he shading Jeffree Star? Orrr?

  • Infiniti Shrum
    Infiniti Shrum   16 hours ago

    At 10:47 it sounds like James Charles is going to do that yeet vine

  • Purple Demon
    Purple Demon   17 hours ago

    once you notice that foundation match you can never unsee it

  • Karima Mahmud
    Karima Mahmud   18 hours ago

    The edits are like the bets thing ever 😂😂

  • Ella Sal
    Ella Sal   22 hours ago

    Edits are soooooo good!!!!!

  • aliah
    aliah   1 days ago

    9:58 - 10:03 tht editing was funny

  • Jaden Jackson
    Jaden Jackson   1 days ago

    James I live for you and this series but gurl your foundation match is awful. Still love you gal

  • Gabriella 215
    Gabriella 215   1 days ago

    II lI loI lovI loveI love yI love yoI love you I love you sI love you siI love you sisI love you sistI love you sisteI love you sister I love you sister jI love you sister JaI love you sister jamI love you sister jameI love you sister James I love you sister James aI love you sister James anI love you sister James and I love you sister James and iI love you sister James and ia I love you sister James and ian I love you sister James and iaI love you sister James and II love you sister James and I love you sister James anI love you sister James aI love you sister JamesI love you sister JameI love you sister JamI love you sister JaI love you sister JI love you sisteI love you sistI love you sisI love you siI love you sI love yoI love yI love I lovI loI lI

  • Little Miss
    Little Miss   1 days ago

    mutualistic symbiotic relationship cough cough

  • Hannah King
    Hannah King   1 days ago

    Omghod let me tell you what my pet peeve is about my mom. Ok so i will literally ask a really simple question and she'll not answer the question, she will talk about something related to the question but she won't give a direct answer to the question. Its sooo annoying i hate it

  • Meiko Fire
    Meiko Fire   1 days ago

    the editing reminds me of MTV back in the day