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My Horibal Speling

  • Published on: 20 January 2018
  • hOI guis!!1! Thx 4 wathcing my vid abuot my horibal speling! AS u can c im vewy gud at spelin now (heart emoji) Member 2 wore ur setblts!
    Second Channel ➤ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0GLNhtTu7yI8rl6ZZGeezw

    Twitter ➤ http://twitter.com/Theodd1sout
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    My Speech Impediment: Day 2 ➤ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YhYEGuAWT0

    Colorers ➤

    Rush light invader ➤http://www.youtube.com/user/RushLightInvader

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    GetMadz ➤ http://www.youtube.com/c/Madz

    Listen to FREE (public domain) audio books ➤ http://librivox.org/
  • Runtime : 8:43
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  • WIlliam Chan
    WIlliam Chan   1 hours ago

    Same but i wrote it on the table when spelling im cheating

  • WonofToo
    WonofToo   1 hours ago

    I read one book a day. It keeps the friends I don't have away!

  • Sarahmay05 Theslayer
    Sarahmay05 Theslayer   2 hours ago

    I was in a special reading class from 3 to like 11 or 10 and then I went to high school in year 7

  • jj king Boss Min jjking

    Why wood you want to have a Pizza you don't get pizza I go school I won wen I got to my class they were eat my pizza

  • Robot plays
    Robot plays   5 hours ago

    I’m dumb I’m dumb I’m dumb I’m dumb

  • Nicholas Law
    Nicholas Law   6 hours ago

    In the thumbnail fourty was spelled correctly

  • Billy Smart
    Billy Smart   7 hours ago

    Did enyone resile he spelt spelling wrong

  • mory shushi
    mory shushi   8 hours ago

    Are you from indonesia ( bicaus the tittle is using indonesia lengguic)

  • Khloe Gallego
    Khloe Gallego   10 hours ago

    Im bad at spelling tooand its funny in 3:02

  • Merrick Thornton
    Merrick Thornton   11 hours ago

    I saw you once but I was too afraid to say one word “hi” :(

  • brandon dinh
    brandon dinh   11 hours ago

    Wait but how can it be a pizza party when the winner is partying by himself :3

  • Martin Moman
    Martin Moman   12 hours ago

    II LI loI lovI loveI love jI love jaI love jamI love jameI love James I love jameI love jamI love jaI love jI loveI lovI loi li

  • Lisa A.
    Lisa A.   12 hours ago

    Lol I love his. Vids

  • Hayley Kwok
    Hayley Kwok   13 hours ago

    My school has a battle of the books as well but there is like 6 books on the first round and it is like the whole class participae

  • Lexie Pinz
    Lexie Pinz   13 hours ago

    My school had battle of the books

  • Bear Man
    Bear Man   15 hours ago

    My battle of the books had 20

  • Taylor Fries
    Taylor Fries   15 hours ago

    My school does battle of the books and we call it B. O. B.