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Weekend Update: Anthony Scaramucci FaceTimes the Show (Bill Hader) - SNL

  • Published on: 11 August 2017
  • Anthony Scaramucci (Bill Hader) FaceTimes the show to clear up some of his comments as White House Communications Director.

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  • Runtime : 3:11
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  • Sheriff Burford T. Justice

    Love THE MOOCH!! If he's played Bill Hader. Hickory Dickery Dock. Steve Bannon was sucking his c..k.

  • Amse Master
    Amse Master   4 months ago

    Hickory dickory dock, Steve Bannon was sucking his...what?!? Man I hate when they don't finish a joke.

  • Miss Mitchell
    Miss Mitchell   4 months ago

    who else thought someone was Facebook messenger calling them 🤦😂😂

  • Mr Dogface
    Mr Dogface   4 months ago

    I actually clicked answer in the beginning

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore   5 months ago

    Bill Hader is great, but Mario Cantone kills this impersonation!

  • Jazhua Vanboven
    Jazhua Vanboven   5 months ago

    This as well as many other videos would be great if the damned suggestion box would stop popping up!!! I pay for no ads!

  • Jeff Porcaro Groove
    Jeff Porcaro Groove   5 months ago

    Love Hader but bad impression...Mooch is super low key and controlling...extremely annoying personality...

  • Teal MacFarlane
    Teal MacFarlane   8 months ago

    This may have been six months ago, but I do miss Scaramucci. The Mooch was the best thing about this Presidency.

  • Rijkaard Biek
    Rijkaard Biek   8 months ago

    Bill is just amazing ... should come back to SNL ...

  • Michelle V.
    Michelle V.   9 months ago

    King of idiot mountain for 11 days lol lmao

  • Rick Rose
    Rick Rose   9 months ago

    Why is there not an all-Hader channel?!?(Oh, I know -- I'd never leave the house.)

  • Jason Holmes
    Jason Holmes   10 months ago

    The "King of Idiot Mountain", I am lmfao...

  • ILuvAyeAye
    ILuvAyeAye   11 months ago

    Am I the only one who was interested in the raccoon? I looked it up, there is an entertaining video, and wildlife rehabilitators got his head free and he seemed OK.

  • Maliceah
    Maliceah   11 months ago

    King of Idiot Mountain for 11 days!

  • mia brigitte
    mia brigitte   12 months ago

    I really don't like this actor ( reporter character) he always laughs in the middle of skits and it's annoying to see . I always skip the scenes when he's on - can't stand to watch him

  • SOPARA862k
    SOPARA862k   1 years ago

    Bill Hader needs to return to SNL, he's amazing!

  • Sebastian Spencer-Rollins

    " I was completely misquoted . I didn't say he was trying to S his on C , he did it ! He actually did it , I saw it . Tongue to tip ! " LOL !

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes   1 years ago

    Omfg I hadn't seen this! I thought he'd left for good! So glad to have him back.

  • Min Chung
    Min Chung   1 years ago

    Haha I laughed my ass off to that juvenile joke at the end. Hickory Dickory Dock... LAWL