The Evolution of FIFA: 25 Years of the Game From 1993-2018, Including FIFA 19

  • Published on: 28 September 2018
  • We played a game of Argentina vs. Brazil across 25 years and 30 versions of FIFA, right the way up to FIFA 19.

    Which version was your first? And which was your favourite?
  • Runtime : 7:54
  • FIFA FIFA19 Football Argentina Brazil Graphics


  • mohyi M
    mohyi M   1 weeks ago

    FIFA 10 was the first one to look decent

  • Sertura Dionyol
    Sertura Dionyol   2 weeks ago

    Well made video. The best of the evolution of fifa video since it's in one match. Amazing, this channel is definitely up with the Bundesliga as best football channels

  • Rocke Fella
    Rocke Fella   1 months ago

    When you watch this shit it seems like from 07-19 there was no change. The quality sucks.

  • attar
    attar   1 months ago

    this is the first time i've ever disliked a video, i mean i would have accepted this quality froma random guy on the internet, not from bleacher report

  • Ranju Dodum
    Ranju Dodum   1 months ago

    This brought back memories. I remember being blown away by the quality of graphics in 97. After watching this video, not so much 😂. I haven't played for ten years now and will probably have my ass whooped by a kid if I even tried.

  • Quizomania ?
    Quizomania ?   1 months ago try thia video

  • Ace Striker
    Ace Striker   1 months ago

    How far it has fallen. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  • SlighceTUNES
    SlighceTUNES   1 months ago

    FIFA 98 was the turning point in graphics for the series.

  • Random Chaos
    Random Chaos   1 months ago

    Why is the video quality so poor? The new fifa games look really good, but they look awful in this video.

  • ageswagg
    ageswagg   1 months ago

    Wow players are getting slim, less accurate and slower

  • Z1yaad
    Z1yaad   1 months ago

    And still looks worse than Pes 6

  • Anamanaguchi V
    Anamanaguchi V   1 months ago

    No one buy fifa 19. I fucking hate EA and they’re constant need to make us spend money for them to never give anything good back. They’re gameplay is always trash and changes way too much but never for the better. Unless you play the game a full 3 hours each day you won’t get nothing in packs or unless you spend money and thats the mafia they have us in.

  • TheBrownMan
    TheBrownMan   1 months ago

    fifa 15 and on are pretty much the same thing tbh

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