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The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?

  • Published on: 21 September 2018
  • Where are the actors from one of the biggest TV shows of all time, The Office? We take a look at what your favorite characters are up to now.

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    The Office Cast, Where Are They Now?
  • Runtime : 11:12
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  • _ NEGAN _
    _ NEGAN _   55 minuts ago

    Mad freakin props for John Krasinski!! I had no idea Emily blunt was his wife!!!

  • Jr Rj
    Jr Rj   3 hours ago

    Im here because i just finished the series 5 mins ago. Im still crying 😭. And wondering why didnt michael went up into the office with the gang.

  • CyfXr
    CyfXr   5 hours ago

    They got Stanley and Creeds jobs wrong, and they spelled Brian’s name wrong.

  • Ryan Lisa
    Ryan Lisa   6 hours ago

    Rainn Wilson looks nothing like that on the thumbnail ever .

  • Maia M
    Maia M   7 hours ago

    Why were they all named after their names?

  • Lizzie Forest
    Lizzie Forest   8 hours ago

    B.J Novak wrote the office you would see that id you watched the office.

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird   9 hours ago

    Watch The Rocker good movie with Wilson as the main character.

  • Scribe13
    Scribe13   10 hours ago

    Dwight became the uni-bomber apparently

  • bzkem
    bzkem   11 hours ago

    Stanley was a Sales rep not a customer service rep, godamn!

  • Norbit Rice
    Norbit Rice   1 days ago

    Watch house of 1000 corpses. It’s weird seeing a young rainn Wilson. What happens to him is even weirder

  • Megan Trout
    Megan Trout   2 days ago

    Dan in real life, not Steve. Stanley was a sales rep, not customer service.

  • Jack
    Jack   2 days ago

    Thought this was about the real office UK office >

  • 10469
    10469   2 days ago

    I underestimated you... next time you were estimate me!!

  • 10469
    10469   2 days ago


  • JP M
    JP M   3 days ago

    So many dumb mistakes in this video! 😣

  • Pam Sollars
    Pam Sollars   3 days ago

    They didn’t say DESPICABLE ME. Exxxxcuuuuuuusssseee meeee!?!?!

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior   3 days ago

    Michael and Dwight, maybe Jim were the irreplaceable characters. Everyone else was expendable.

  • Xxx
    Xxx   3 days ago

    What happened to Jan ?🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jesse Gettings
    Jesse Gettings   3 days ago

    Stanley was a Salesman, not a csr. He also wasn't dead weight. He had a lot of big accounts

  • jim jimjim
    jim jimjim   3 days ago

    Nobody proofreads these scripts???.... Seriously… Try harder. Fucking up in the first minute.

  • Jak Conrad
    Jak Conrad   3 days ago read by someone who evidently didn't actually watch the show...

  • Dylan Orr
    Dylan Orr   4 days ago

    my man said "the quiet space" instead of a quiet space get it together brother

  • Yippieitsnikki !
    Yippieitsnikki !   4 days ago

    Rainn lives in my neighborhood and goes to my school to play at the tennis courts lmao

  • Hippo Biscuit
    Hippo Biscuit   4 days ago

    Dwight seems to have gone for the homeless guy look....

  • Ari Berri
    Ari Berri   4 days ago

    I got a feeling this guy has never seen a episode of the office in his life