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  • Published on: 25 August 2015
  • Runtime : 2:7


  • Y hwh
    Y hwh   2 days ago

    Banksy is Fake Artist! you are fake human , go die your fake human performance.

  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man   1 weeks ago

    I love that skeleton on the bumper car

  • Moonlight Wing
    Moonlight Wing   1 weeks ago

    Is it all too real ! Disneyland all about profit. Haha

  • Stuntman707
    Stuntman707   1 weeks ago

    This is still happening. What the hell is wrong with society?? People are detached from reality and afraid of being blamed for trying to help. Is it greed, fame or self preservation? The world is seriously flawed -

  • Fite-4-Ever
    Fite-4-Ever   2 weeks ago

    get it, Disney land is Orwellian Kafkaesque capitalist circus. truly banksy is the first person to notice this

  • Catlover 44
    Catlover 44   1 months ago

    I Got A Disney Ad Before Watching This!

  • peblo
    peblo   2 months ago

    1:10 SO CREEPY

  • Doriana Goracci
    Doriana Goracci   3 months ago

    questo video è su Dismaland e le vacanze migranti grazie!

  • Lord-ZET
    Lord-ZET   3 months ago

    So this is the disneyland of Suicide Mouse!

  • i͕h̗͚C̣̳̼
    i͕h̗͚C̣̳̼   4 months ago

    you fucking fake anticommercialist butthole making a commercial for yourself to sell your stupid shit go suck a big ass dick banksy fuck you

  • Mikequfv
    Mikequfv   6 months ago

    Still better than North Korea

  • Bluntteh
    Bluntteh   6 months ago

    Get a fucking life edgelord

  • MrKiwi
    MrKiwi   6 months ago

    This is like my fourth liked video on youtube wtf

  • J C
    J C   6 months ago

    wandering around surprised like "my Ilk did this?" get a fucking clue hoightyyyyyy

  • Butt Ass
    Butt Ass   6 months ago

    Who else came from watchmojo?

  • guido ligorio
    guido ligorio   7 months ago

    Bravo ! Enjoyed your video so much ! Thanks for sharing

  • Krono Arts
    Krono Arts   8 months ago

    I said to my mum that my friend would like this place

  • antiOF
    antiOF   8 months ago

    This is englands best amusement park after brexit

  • 神山まみっきー
    神山まみっきー   9 months ago

    うわぁ…やばそう…。でもオカルトが好きだから行ってみたい。I am Japanese.Wow…I feel terrible scary.But…I think that is interesting.I want to go.

  • Oskar Świętek
    Oskar Świętek   9 months ago


  • Shreknos
    Shreknos   10 months ago

    A truly magical Paradise

  • 민빛나
    민빛나   10 months ago

    저기서 일하고 싶다ㅜ 지금은 없어졌지만

  • Horse Man
    Horse Man   10 months ago

    This a great idea for cod zombie maps

  • Kiing
    Kiing   11 months ago

    wtf is this bullshit