Vocal Coach Reacts to "TOP 10 Singers Whose Videos Went VIRAL"

  • Published on: 22 March 2018
  • These singers were amazing!!! I didn't know there was SO many talented & gifted vocalists in the world! Top 10 singers whose videos went viral ( real voices without autotune)

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  • Runtime : 14:16
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  • Julia Sheehan
    Julia Sheehan   4 hours ago

    that Seth kid legit just came out of the womb and can sing that well and I’m 13 and I can’t sing at all

  • Corinaaa _05
    Corinaaa _05   6 hours ago

    Anybody else looking at the ads that keep popping up? No just me...ok

  • super j
    super j   7 hours ago

    Im a shy singer too😅

  • Sara Russo
    Sara Russo   8 hours ago

    Yes, that is a good idea for a video. I'd like to know what happened to these kids.

  • Rachel Vitko
    Rachel Vitko   9 hours ago

    When you’re pretty sure that Zach’s gonna be in the video and so you watch to see his reaction but then he doesn’t say much about him lol 😂

  • Deniss Apa
    Deniss Apa   15 hours ago

    WHO FREAKED OUT SEEING ZACH HEROIN 1?1!2?12?!1!2!1 🤧🤠🤠❤️

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie   22 hours ago

    I love listening to talented singers, I am not a singer myself, and have no intentions becoming a singer, but your videos are addictive to me because of your positivity! As someone who has to watch my child deal with hate comments on YouTube, I simply love your vibe!!

  • Aftyn Sires
    Aftyn Sires   1 days ago

    Hey if u want to here some of that's Seth quinteros kids high note look his name up and watch the video of him singing in the elevator

  • Caroline _Vids
    Caroline _Vids   1 days ago

    The first one was Zach Herron from why don’t we

  • Siera Susaia
    Siera Susaia   1 days ago

    you should react to marina hokulani if you havent already

  • Tal Zuk
    Tal Zuk   1 days ago

    Omg this was on my b day lol

  • Ali Qureshi
    Ali Qureshi   1 days ago

    the banner popped up on his screen then i went to close it LMAOOO

  • sai
    sai   2 days ago

    Please react to christina grimmie

  • Camila P
    Camila P   2 days ago

    1:18 I’m totally in love with his voiceAnyone know him???? I need to know if he has a Chanel or something, he needs one

  • andy moran
    andy moran   3 days ago

    THE FIRST KID IS ZACHHHHH!!!! He’s in a famous band called why don’t we!!!!

  • Megan Woods
    Megan Woods   3 days ago

    My grandma says I’m amazing but I’m shy to sing with people around she just heard because she came in my room

  • victoria henry
    victoria henry   4 days ago

    i went to school with jacob satterfield for 10+ years. he’s absolutely amazing. our high school let him perform at a bunch of our pep rally’s. i’m excited to see how far he’ll go and hopefully he continues to sing and grow

  • Torterra Plays Mc
    Torterra Plays Mc   4 days ago

    “You can skip ad in 0s” why is this fucking stuck on that on a bloody 30s ad fml

  • Hyper Arts
    Hyper Arts   4 days ago

    the 2nd kid poor him. Puberty hit hard.

  • Indra Komara
    Indra Komara   4 days ago

    Try to react this http://youtu.be/pU6AJMqEPW0 you’ll surprise by his voice bro

  • Zaire Yap
    Zaire Yap   4 days ago

    I can ding but when i hit puberty, boy let me tell you my voice got better

  • nevaeh parrish
    nevaeh parrish   5 days ago

    The first one is from why don't we you should react to them there amazing song I suggest is talk, hooked and basically anything

  • Maggie Lauer
    Maggie Lauer   5 days ago

    I like how he doesn't like interrupt them, cause some of the vocal coaches on youtube, cause some of them every note they make they repeat it and act like they sung even if they sang it right

  • Random
    Random   5 days ago

    No amount of vocal lessons could help me I’m awful

  • Koneko
    Koneko   5 days ago

    Whats the Name from the last Song with the two Boys

  • Little Muffin
    Little Muffin   5 days ago

    Tristan, the first one is a member on a band called "Why Don't We" so you can search it 😄

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