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Creating Saturday Night Live: Meet the Parents Cold Open - SNL

  • Published on: 30 April 2018
  • See how Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller were transformed into Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen.

    #SNL #SNL43

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  • Runtime : 1:12
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  • I wish I knew
    I wish I knew   1 months ago

    Dinero is a has been who is whoring for any publicity he can, either denouncing or President or shitty skits on SNL.

  • N.i.B.
    N.i.B.   1 months ago

    fire those makeup artists

  • SortaRicann
    SortaRicann   2 months ago

    Why’d I think they were making them look from young to old..

    ZEMAVOM DONDE   5 months ago

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  • ohbuddyiliketowatch
    ohbuddyiliketowatch   5 months ago

    I missed the opening of this weeks cold open. I wish you guess would post even just the opening each week.

  • wheelzwheela
    wheelzwheela   5 months ago

    They literally just look like themselves with a little makeup on.

  • Sean Tha Don
    Sean Tha Don   5 months ago


  • cafemike
    cafemike   5 months ago

    One can't make up the Nazi Stormtrooper tactics of Mueller.

  • galetaf
    galetaf   5 months ago

    LIVE FROM SAT.... oh

  • galetaf
    galetaf   5 months ago

    Make the skits available in my country pleaseeee

  • treefiddytwo
    treefiddytwo   5 months ago


  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez   5 months ago

    Robert DeNiro still reads newspapers? where did he find a newspaper, 2002????

  • ragnarox16
    ragnarox16   5 months ago

    They couldn't just use some kind of temporary hair color stuff? lol

  • day 2 day
    day 2 day   5 months ago

    What was the point of the make up ..

  • Ralph Filigenzi
    Ralph Filigenzi   5 months ago

    Who cares. De Niro was my favorite actor of all time, now he's just a babbling piece of shit!

  • g1zzle tv
    g1zzle tv   5 months ago

    Stiller the great. De Niro the legend. 1K

  • dachicagoan
    dachicagoan   5 months ago

    I wonder if Robert De Niro is sad about his pal Harvey Weinstein. After all, Harvey used his restaurant to violate women.

  • Saud Dowaihy
    Saud Dowaihy   5 months ago

    I didn't know stiller had this much make up done

  • Laila K
    Laila K   5 months ago

    i loved that silly little moment after the “Live from...”

  • sam t
    sam t   5 months ago

    HATE TO SAY IT, ALL THAT WORK, AND MAKE UP, didn't work, they still look like deniro and stiller, NEEDS TO IMPROVE

  • Damlordpunt
    Damlordpunt   5 months ago

    So they spent all that time in make up to make Bobbo look just like Sorros and Ben Stiller into Ben Stiller! Keep trying SNL you still suck! You need new writers, like when you were actually funny. Lorne must have a huge hard on for our President because he makes his whole show about him. Secret love.

  • JP M
    JP M   5 months ago

    I didn’t even know Ben had anything extra on. To me, he just looked like himself. Kudos to the artists who transform the cast multiple times a night.

  • Henri P
    Henri P   5 months ago

    Ben Meyers killed me ahahha

  • Victor Pires
    Victor Pires   5 months ago

    Follow me on Instagram bitch. Is.time.even.real

  • Victor Pires
    Victor Pires   5 months ago

    Follow me on Instagram bitch. Is.time.even.real

  • Gabe King
    Gabe King   5 months ago

    I'm a Republican who loves Trump but..... this one looks fun already !

  • Tom McBraffin
    Tom McBraffin   5 months ago

    It would be great to see the guys tackle a rick & Morty couple of aketch

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott   5 months ago

    Someday I will be in the audience to see all this take place in person. It's so amazing everyone busy everyone just in the zone.

  • Jake Bizzle
    Jake Bizzle   5 months ago

    They just look like an old DeNiro and Stiller.