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10 Funny Pranks for Back To School! Learn How To Make Easy Diy School Supplies Prank w Food & Candy

  • Published on: 22 July 2018
  • Learn how to prank your class mates with 10 fun easy Diy back to school pranks and edible school supplies. If you’re a student in middle school, teen in high school or college these weird funny pranks, life hacks, edible candy study snacks and science experiments foods will make your year epic! Brothers (not twins) try, test, taste and eat crazy kid and family friendly food haul and do it yourself glue, pencils, pencil, crayons, tape, notebooks, backpacks you can eat. Trying, testing and tasting all these gummy vs real slime challenge type foods and eating them leads to hilarious comedy tutorial video that is sure to make you laugh. You'll also learn how to sneak food into class.

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    Supplies and Tools:
    Colored pencil case • Marker • Marshmallows • Ziploc bag • Pack of wet wipes • Modeling clay • Paper • Foil • Hard cheese • Empty glue stick container • Pen cap • File folder and sheet protectors • Sliced cheese • Ballpoint pens • Notebook • Play-doh • Jello • Lettuce and healthy veggies • Pen • Shampoo • Face wash

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  • Runtime : 16:27
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