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Popularity or your best friend? - Gachaverse (mini) movie

  • Published on: 02 September 2018
  • I think this is my first ever Gachaverse (mini) movie/film! I'm proud of myself! Also, this took me more than one week to make because I was really sick. I'll spare you the details... (It's for the best!) Comment what you would choose: popular and forced to bully your (ex) best friend, or being with your BFF for ever but get bullied everyday?

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  • Runtime : 7:30
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  • Crazy Kayla
    Crazy Kayla   4 hours ago

    I choose best friend because I don’t want eyes on me .-.

  • KatePlayzAJ :3
    KatePlayzAJ :3   6 hours ago

    Uhhhhhhhhhh i would choose popularity cuz all my friends are fake D:

  • Bryan Daisy
    Bryan Daisy   6 hours ago

    Im new to the gatcha community please sub please its okay if you dont..

  • Tl Nguyen
    Tl Nguyen   6 hours ago

    Best friend! Because sometimes when you’re popular, rumours start going around the school! So of course best friend!

  • Dana StarFire
    Dana StarFire   9 hours ago

    ”your so cute when your jealous” ”did I say that out load?!”

  • mary makridaki
    mary makridaki   11 hours ago

    if I had to choose one of them I would choose my best friend ofc

  • NC Playz
    NC Playz   17 hours ago

    I would choose best friend

  • Mom and daughter autism club

    Man jewel doesn't have to make her cry but no hate on anyone :pEdit:I just have a friend no besties cri XD

  • christie0359
    christie0359   1 days ago

    /\_/\( ._. ) /( )\ / \one like makes the bunny laugh.

  • *-Sarcastic Llama -*

    I would choose best friends bc who wants to be friends win fake bitches? 😂🖤

  • ɴɪɴᴀ ᴅᴀɴɢ

    Best friends since my and my brother r kinda popular cus my brothers hair and I’m known for being his sister

  • iiItz_KyootKatz Owo
    iiItz_KyootKatz Owo   1 days ago

    That nearly my nameMy name is Danni but i have 2 n's intead of 1Great video tho 💜💜💜

  • Future Heart
    Future Heart   1 days ago

    i pick my best friend...if she picks the same...but if she picks the same but not me...i choose...NOTHING FINE WHATEVER SHE DOESENT WANNA BE MY BESTIE ANYMORE?!? FINE I DONT CARE I HATE HER!😭😭😭😭😭Edit:They even gave me a FAKE friendship bracelet

  • Youngplaysroblox Channel

    Popularity because my friends sometimes say stuff mean to me when they say it’s just a joke

  • Ella Maestas
    Ella Maestas   2 days ago

    I'll Rather Have My Best Friends Over Being Popular. In my school, People just know me. I'm not friends with them, but I am friends with tw-one person. I lost one this week :C

  • Angelica Brito
    Angelica Brito   2 days ago

    This vid is so messed up Dani get the guy?! She was so mean and rude to her only friend and violet was alone she just wanted a friend but Dani got the guy FIX THIs?!

  • oki_oki __
    oki_oki __   2 days ago

    Even though/just because ty hits a girl doesn't mean/doesnt give the right for boys to be hitting girls. EVEN the girls =_= the girls cannot be going around hitting partners... '-'

  • oki_oki __
    oki_oki __   2 days ago

    Ty shouldn't be hitting girls but that brat deserves it. Guys you shouldn't be hitting others otherwise you'll get into problems only do it if you have the permission of/to hitting the person.

  • oki_oki __
    oki_oki __   2 days ago

    II'I'dI'd b I'd beI'd be pI'd be poI'd be popI'd be popuI'd be populI'd be populaI'd be popular I'd be popular bId be populur buI'd be popular butI'd be popular but nI'd be popular but niI'd be popular but nicI'd be popular but nice I'd be popular but nicI'd be popular but niI'd be popular but nI'd be popular butI'd be popular buI'd be popular bI'd be popular I'd be populaI'd be populI'd be popuI'd be popI'd be poI'd be pOkay im not doing the rest my fingers hurt. Don't do this guys im stupid enough to do this, this is boring it will hurt your fingers and will be wasying your time.

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H   2 days ago

    I choose my best friend he's always their when I need him! POPULARITY SUCKS BUT MY ONLY FRIEND IS ALL I NEED

  • Darrin Miller
    Darrin Miller   2 days ago

    I luv this but I would have to say best friend because they are more important than being popular :)

  • Ilisa Cadet
    Ilisa Cadet   2 days ago

    I like best friends but i would say in this case something diffent cus she was mean and using her so not be friends with either of them

  • Gla vvy
    Gla vvy   2 days ago

    In kindergarten I had to choose between my popular friends or my best friend so I choose my best friend they where mad at me after that and bullied me but I didn’t care so at gym we where picking tambourines from the tree because my gym teacher literally taught us nothing and when I asked her for one she was like no get ur own what are u to short but I was like ok so I left and went on with my life with my best friend until I moved to America and I lost her forever 😥I miss her soo much

  • Jinx_
    Jinx_   2 days ago

    When i saw the guys name (Ty) i said-Oh wow!His name is thank you!(You understand the joke?No..Thats sucks)