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Grayson Dares Ethan!!

  • Published on: 27 June 2017
  • It was time for Grayson's ultimate revenge. This also explains why Ethan loves being called daddy ;)

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    Grayson’s Things

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  • Runtime : 9:11
  • Dolan Twins Twins Dolan Ethan Dolan Grayson Dolan Dolins Doan Twins Dolon Twins Dollon Twins


  • dmarie413
    dmarie413   3 hours ago

    3:44 is seriously one of my fav things ever and idk why 😂

  • Faith Wilson
    Faith Wilson   8 hours ago

    6:16. My 9 year old sister walked in with my dad. I got grounded and then after I explained, he didnt believe me so I had to show him this

  • Eleanor Kyte
    Eleanor Kyte   13 hours ago


  • Fyna and Issy
    Fyna and Issy   13 hours ago

    I always wonder how Ethan got the glue off of his legs and how long it took him? Like it u wonder

  • Kirsty Gourlay
    Kirsty Gourlay   13 hours ago

    I love how you guys add funny little clips of behind the scenes of the making of your videos at the end 😂😍💘

  • Jeff Black
    Jeff Black   1 days ago

    I’ve seen this video lodes of times

  • Kate TV
    Kate TV   1 days ago

    They should do and overnight challenge in the foam pit! Like if you agree

  • Cadence AMP
    Cadence AMP   1 days ago

    notice every time after he superglued his thighs every time he sat on the couch they were unglued? how?

  • Sia Hashmi
    Sia Hashmi   1 days ago

    You know they're true twins when one actually try's to break the others arm😎😂

  • sandy vanzovica
    sandy vanzovica   1 days ago

    Ethan don't eat thows (me) wen u say don't I do T3T (my sis)she's a savage shes eating rotin (me) what the heck

  • Elizabeth Bell
    Elizabeth Bell   1 days ago

    6:41. 6:44. Did anyone notice how his thighs were together then they were not now they are again?! Wtf

  • Adia Keki
    Adia Keki   1 days ago

    #when Ethan gets his mom to help 😂

  • Jade Connell
    Jade Connell   2 days ago

    That little hole in Ethan's legs when they were glued together made me so uncomfortable 😳

  • steve davis
    steve davis   2 days ago

    for a second i thought ethan was grayson. lol

  • Charmaine Calis
    Charmaine Calis   3 days ago

    Girl: babyBoy: no Girl: do you love me Boy: yesGirl: are you cheating on me Boy: of course not Girl: would you save me if i drown or get in a fireBoy: why wouldn’t I Girl:do you hate me Now

  • Kara Kammerman
    Kara Kammerman   3 days ago

    I obviously know they are identical twins but why does Ethan looks so much like gray at 5:03 😂😂 (like the hair)

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown   3 days ago

    I really hope Ethan gets prettier I love grayson

  • Alina Wiersema
    Alina Wiersema   3 days ago

    Yall know what i just realized. If you pause at 3:40 gray is making the same face as that one photo in the video Worst photos of us(reacting and recreating photos)

  • Autumn Tayloe
    Autumn Tayloe   3 days ago

    Who is cuter? E or GWho's personality is better? E or GWho do you think is better overal? E or G? If this gets 50 likes I'll tell my crush I like him

  • • ARMY •
    • ARMY •   3 days ago

    You’re like this 👌🏻 close to 7 million